Kate's 6th Birthday!!

16 January 2024

Our little girl turned SIX!! And had the best time at her Dolly Parton themed gymnastics party! It was the perfect place for a fun celebration. 

Halloween 2023

15 January 2024

I feel like we celebrated Halloween like seven-hundred times this year. And there were so many events before the actual day! Which was fun and the girls loved it! Brian and I actually dressed up this year and went to a party too. Who are we?!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2023

14 January 2024

Kate's second year to go to the pumpkin patch on a field trip! Emmy was suppose to go this year but LRSD will no longer carry 4-year-olds on school buses. SO SAD! Loved being able to go with my big girl again and spend time with her and her new friends from school! 

Molten Lava Cake

13 January 2024

We wanted something for dessert one night but didn't have a lot of ingredients on hand. Somehow we landed on this molten lava cake for two recipe. It was delightful. And easy and so chocolatey! And just so so so delish. Enjoy! 

Fall Soccer 23

12 January 2024

Both the girls played soccer this past fall and it was a hit! We signed them both up thinking they would be playing at the same places on the same days. Totally wrong. Showed up for the first practice and couldn't find Emily's team. Turns out we were at the wrong place. So I ran down to Riverdale to take Emmy and left Brian and Kate at Murray Park. When we picked them up, Brian was the assistant coach. 

Labor Day Weekend 2023

11 January 2024

Happy Labor Day weekend from this set of cute little cousins! David, Amanda, Kai and Camden came to visit us for the holiday weekend. We ate great food, watched football, went to the pool, played and had a great time hanging out! It was nice to host family in our new home and watch these sweet little cousins have some quality time together! 

dutch baby pancake

10 January 2024

Hello world! Let me introduce you to this amazing thing in the form of breakfast-- dutch baby pancake! It's so easy and so fun and really quite delish. You should add this to your weekend plans, now! 

First Day of School 2023

09 January 2024

Back to school was so fun this year! So many sweet memories made and so fun to do all this with the Cherry kids! Major props to Michelle for getting the sweetest pictures of the kids before school! 

Last Weekend of Summer

08 January 2024

Last weekend of summer was so jam packed and SO FUN! I don't even want to pretend like I want to put these pictures in order, so random order is what you've got! Just want to remember these sweet moments in the years to come! 

End of ECEP

07 January 2024

It's crazy to think it was our last day at ECEP! Kate started when she was 11 months old and Emmy as as 12 week old baby. So since 2018... wild!! Kate went back for summer care so she got to see her old friends and teachers. Emily was not looking forward to leaving Rocket Room! It's been her favorite thing ever!!! 

VBS 2023

06 January 2024

VBS or BBS as Emmy called it was so much fun!!! The girls loved this week at our church and still sing the songs on the reg. Good luck finding our girls in the picture. Emmy is on the left sitting next to Charlie (seen below) and I think Kate is just right of center. 

4th of July 2023

05 January 2024

Raise your hand if you love the 4th of July?! All hands raised over here!! This is our... I've lost track... year to spend with the Lar family in Rogers. The kids love this holiday probably as much as the adults at this point! 

Emmy's 4th Birthday!

04 January 2024

Emily turned FOUR!! We had an early celebration for her the weekend before her actual birthday. It was so much fun! I still think of her as a partial COVID baby so she hasn't really had a big blowout with all of her friends there. She LOVED it!! And it was so much fun for all. 

40 Under 40

03 January 2024

I made the 2023 class of Arkansas Business 40 under 40!! And was so excited for this honor! We attending the luncheon back in the summer and it was so fun to look around and see so many people who have supported me during my career. 

Spring Choir Concert

02 January 2024

Finished the year with Kate's spring choir concert. She's done so great all year and has loved her time with Mrs. Amy. And how adorable do these little ones look in their robes?! I love it! 

We Bought a House!

01 January 2024

Let's start the new year (on this blog) off on a good note-- we bought a house!! Actually it was last May but we've loved being in our new home and it's been really exciting having a new place to call ours. 
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