Trip to NWA

23 September 2020

We had planned to take a trip to northwest Arkansas the weekend all the COVID madness hit. We were going to visit my grandparents, my brother-in-law and our friends Scott and Holly. Then schools closed and everything went mad, so we decided it was best to postpone until April. Well we all know that never happened. 

Finally we decided we were ready to break out of the bubble and go do something. So we very carefully and cautiously went and visited Scott, Holly, and Ethan. We chose not to stay with my grandparents for health reasons but we had to stop and see them! Safely, it made my heart so happy to see them! Sad but mostly happy. 

We spent Friday-Sunday with the Lar Family. We had so much fun, eating good food, drinking excellent wine, swimming, and enjoying their new home! Kate, Emily and Ethan played so well together and Ethan got Kate hooked on Tangled! I love that as I type that I looked up and saw him holding his frying pan :) 

I mentioned we went and saw my grandparents. I loved seeing my little girls in the place where I spent so many fun times. These pictures will always be so special to me! 



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