Cocktail: Rum Edition v.2

17 June 2021


Hey! Back with more cocktails and since it's summer.. it's rum time! Brian put together a few delicious options last weekend and he did not disappoint. They were terrific. Again, they came from our fancy, go-to BAR BOOK

Rainy Days and Cute Kids

15 June 2021

Those smiles are so perfectly my little kiddos! Emily with a big cheese, showing allll her teeth and Kate with a more subtle, smile with the eyes kind of smile. And matching dresses. How did I get so lucky?!

Memorial Day Weekend 2021

14 June 2021

Happy belated Memorial Day! We had a fun time at the lake and hanging out a home-- hello splash pad. It's going to be a long, hot summer! 

Grilled Swordfish, Sicilian Salmoriglio Style

13 June 2021

We're officially declared this meal our summer seafood staple! We've already made it twice and I see if happening many more times! It's terrific. The entire thing. The fish, the radicchio, the asparagus, the wine! Fantastic! 

Emily is 2!!!

12 June 2021

My little baby girl is TWO! Do I have baby girls anymore?! They are looking so grown up these days. And this is the only picture I got of Emily looking at me alllll day on her birthday. She doesn't look particularly happy and she slept with her hair in braids the night before so hellllo fro. 

Lemon Chicken Skewers with Creamy Feta Sauce

04 June 2021

I have followed the Half Baked Harvest blog for a while now. Everything looks really fantastic and she makes a ton of pasta.. so you know I'm a far. I can't believe it's taken me this long to actually make my first recipe. 

Weekend in Tontitown

03 June 2021

We spent the first weekend in May, also known as my birthday, in Tontitown with the Penzo family. We haven't seen my grandparents in so long and the rest of the family in even longer! It was so nice to see everyone and to all be together again. My grandparents decided this weekend that they are ready to downsize and move so I'm so glad we got one last hurrah in this home that means so much to me! 

Memphis Style Slaw

02 June 2021

I talked about our new smoker in my last post and I think mentioned that I've been making non-stop coleslaw ever since! Brian loves Memphis style slaw with mustard and vinegar. So I've practiced and I think I've finally perfected the slaw. 

Daddy Got a New Smoker!

01 June 2021

I swear that Brian has talked about buying a smoker on and off since we started dating. He finally broke down and bought one-- after lots of research, of course! It's been a hit so far and we've cooked a few pork butts, racks of ribs, chickens and some sausage. All has been fantastic and, he says, easy! 
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