Ash Wednesday

23 March 2020

I'm so behind on my blog posts. So everything I post from here on our will probably be so out of order. I have like 2 months to catch up on. And since I could use a little relief from talking/hearing/reading about COVID-19 24/7, I think I'll take a breather so write about my sweet girls, family and delish recipes I've tried recently. 

I'll start with Ash Wednesday. Kate and Emily's school had "Ashes to Go" so Kate and I participated. Emily was there too but I kind of forgot to get hers. Kate told me, "Mommy you have eyeball on your head." When I told her that she had one too, she looked all kinds of confused. 

She even posed and smiled for her before I left her. Which is really rare these days. I love that little smile and sweet cheeks. 

This is the only picture I grabbed of Kate from the Fat Tuesday party the night prior. The school puts on a big party with a gumbo competition. It was lots of fun and Kate lived her very best life! She ate pancakes and danced to the live band! Wish I could post that video. It's the best :) 

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