Emily - 11 Months

30 April 2020

Emmy girl-- I can 't believe you will be ONE next month! Time has flown! We've been home together for the past month-- really more. And it's been so fun to watch you grow and learn. And even WALK! You started walking for the first time on April 20th. You tried a few times in the week leading up. You are so confident and precious. 

You've been growing like a weed. You're outgrowing all the summer clothes of Kate's that I planned for you to wear over the next few months. You are getting long!  

I mentioned that we had been home due to COVID-19. We're really lucky that mom and dad are able to work from home and keep you and sister. You both have been so good. Sure there are tough days but you both are so great. You are generally chill and easy going. You want food, sleep and love. Like everyone really ;) 

You are so happy. And usually always smiling. You love playing outside with sister. We've been working on your playhouse and outside area. 

You went through like a week long period of carrying around the cupcake doll in the background of this picture. You mainly just crawled and tucked her under your arm. Chewed a lot of her legs. Then one day, you dropped her and she's been long gone every since. 

I took the bumpers off of your bed to wash them one day this past month. Thought maybe I could leave them off for good. The first night I found both legs pushed through the rails and you stuck. The second night I found the picture above. The third night, I put your bumpers back on. Luckily both positions didn't seem to bother you one bit. 

Zooming with sisters friends. I feel like this is our future. Emmy trying to do what Kate does and Kate telling Emmy to leave! 

We potty trained Kate and you always had to join. Always with books. 

Peek a boo! 

Top two teeth coming in hot! No one AND nothing is safe from you! 

We're working so hard on making you like real food. You always prefer your milk. But you'll be ONE soon so we're working overtime. You are starting to come around. Hopefully we don't regress! 

You have five teeth now and I know more are coming soon. You love listening to music and doing "gymnastics" with your sister. Evening walks are becoming one of your favorite things. You love to read and flip through your books and you are obsessed with kissing yourself in the mirror. You are giving mommy and daddy excellent kisses, sometimes with a little bite included. You love when we tickle you and squeeze you tight. 

We love you more than you could ever know. XOXO

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