Emily - Month 7

06 February 2020

I'm going to count this as a major mom win-- especially with the 2nd baby-- but this is the first (and only) month I didn't take Emily's monthly picture. I just forgot on the 22nd. And then remembered on the 24th and planned to take it and then I forgot again. So instead this month, your preview picture is going to be the one above of our sweet little girls face, in her adorable little kitty hat. I seriously love this picture of our babe. 

Speaking of our little girl, she's 7 months! It's happened so fast but so fun! She's getting bigger and longer and outgrowing alllll of her pants. Which are now capris. 

I love this picture of Emily. This is obviously before she started rolling out of her boppy like a mad woman. We lay her in this while we're doing all sorts of things and when she starts to make noise and we're busy, we tell Kate to go play with her. Turned around to this. Kate surrounded her with all her favorite little animals and it's just so stinkin cute. 

This month, Emily started sitting up unassisted-- did it for the first time on 11/7/19, which I think was actually in month 6? Again, this stuff gets confusing! She didn't really try it out, she just did it one day.. and never fell. Still hasn't. It's so wild, this girl is so determined! Emily also started crawling some this month, mostly backwards but she's trying really hard. 

Mommy went to Boston for work this month so you took a solo trip to Wynne to stay with Nana and Papaw. We got a great report from you and you came back just as happy as could be. You loved meeting Stephen and Laura and were obsessed with his beard. 

You've been enjoying your activity table and have so much fun playing with all the attachments. You love the keyboard-- unless sister comes and steals it from you. 

Kate snapped this picture of you before school one morning. You are so precious! And you LOVE your sister so much! 

You also love to swing! Nana sent me this picture from when you visited Wynne. 

You are seriously the happiest little girl. I've said this so many times but it's true! You love your family and love when we all play together. If daddy and Kate are doing something, you will try to leap out of my arms to get to them. I think you'll probably walk early because you want to be everywhere all the time. 

We spent Thanksgiving in El Dorado this year and you were so good. You met lots of family and played like the best little girl. We celebrated daddy's birthday and you gave him his favorite present, a meat cleaver. 

We love you little girl and can't wait to see how you grow! XOXO

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