31 December 2015

I've been seeing all these #2015BestNine photos online, it took me a minute to figure it out and once I did... it showed 5 pictures from 2014!? So I did a little research and finally got a redo! So here it is.... Brian, door hangers and New York-- oh yeah.. and a tiny appointment ;) 
I'm sure there was a lot in between but I think that sums it up about right. What a great year :) Let's do this 2016! 

Happy Christmas!

30 December 2015

It's always sad to return from work after a week of Christmas fun. This picture was taken Christmas Day at my parents house in El Dorado. I always love looking back at the pictures I take of their tree every year. So much love and good memories. 

And just like that.. it's over... 


29 December 2015

Sooo.. I made my first massive, HUGE, gigantic canvas last week. Y'all, I can't believe I finished this. And I know I'm just being dramatic but look at the amount of words, letters, words, paint, the letters... Oh. My. Okay, I'm kind of kidding. 

A lady from etsy, who lives in Benton, contacted me a couple weeks ago about putting this project together. Her husband is actually having heart surgery today and she wanted a little something sweet to hang on their bedroom walls. This song is the first song they danced to when they first started dating, awwww. right? Yes. 

It's a 4 x 5 footer--- barely fit in my car. This is a picture of it in it's new home. So much love in one canvas. Prayers to the Rushing family today! xoxo 

Christmas in Hot Springs Village

22 December 2015

We spent the last weekend in Hot Springs Village celebrating Christmas with the Middlekauff side of the family. Lots of good food, family and fun :) We also got to finally meet our sweet cousin (once removed) Jameson! 

Looks just like his big brother. What a handsome little fella! love, love! 


21 December 2015

Who doesn't love an array of random pictures pulled from snapchat?! That's pretty much the only proof I have from our girls weekend trip to St. Louis. That, some facebook photos and super fun memories.. those will last foreva! 

When you express a dream to be covered in nothing but a million shopping bags from a super successful day of shopping to your girlfriends... they make it happen. Even if you only bought your co-worker a pair of earrings and your husband socks and have NOTHING to contribute to the photo. See above. 

And below.... madness. Extreme madness is the only explanation. This is a combo of Wendy and Lindsey's purchases. I don't even see that my socks made the photo! 

Eyes closed, waiting on uber... SR Photo Session.. where you at Ashton?! My professional photographer. 

Still... waiting on uber.  

Uber arrived...we made it to WICKED!!! <3!!!  

Because only cool girls read at the bar. I can't even express in a blog post how much fun I had with these two during our weekend trip. Such a good time! Wicked was just as amazing as it was 6 months ago and too much fun. It's really hard trying to keep your chill and just watch without standing up and busting out Defying Gravity! 

Christmas on Beverly

 It happened! I finally talked Brian in to getting a real tree. So. Much. Fun. And it smells so fabulous. We stopped by Larry's Tree on Cantrell the Monday after Thanksgiving to pick out our perfect tree. I call this the tree farm for city folk. 

It's beautiful, perfect, lovely... all those types of words. I must take new pictures now that our card holder is full and such :) I'm sure I'll be back to share Christmas decorations soon. 

Merry + Bright

20 December 2015

I've been MIA for far too long. So while I'm here with a little bit of a break.. I'm just going to throw the missing posts atcha! Starting with this adorable door hanger I made for my big, Therese! (DZ love and mine :)) 

So I slightly misunderstood the order-- and though I was supposed to paint "Merry & Bright." OOPS, I still wanted to share this picture because I still think it's adorable! And then below is the finished product! Ta-da! To die for :) 

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