Emmy Johnston - 10 Months

28 April 2020

Happy 10 months to our sweet little babe! Emily is the happiest little girl and always smiling or laughing. She won't sit still, ever. I'm shocked she actually sleeps because she's always so BUSY. 

One thing I laugh so much at about this girl is that she's so fierce. When Kate got her toys stolen at school, she just kind of pouted and moved on. Emmy will go after you and snatch things back. But she's still very sweet about it. She's fearless and daring. She falls flat on her head, rolls over and starts laughing. I can already tell she is going to have quite the personality. And we love her so much for the one she already has!

Emily has a lot more hair than Kate did at this point too. We're currently in the can't-do-anything-with-these-bangs stage. 

Still obsessed with her sister. They love each other so much. Makes our hearts so very happy. 

I love this picture. Back to Emmy's hair.. make me laugh so much!  

Another month... another ear infection. Our 3rd double ear infection and the doctor has sent us out to have tubes. Which later got canceled because of COVID and now they say we may never need them. Crazy how this "staying at home" business has kept kids healthy. Our ENT said he's seen less cases of ear infections and RSV due to everyone staying home. Good news! 

Our first school picture day was a success. Your pictures were so adorable. And the fact that you are reading a book, like you always do at home, made them even more perfect. 

those lips! 

You started saying "ma-ma" this month and seem to chatter all the time now. You are waving hi and bye, kissing mom and dad, you can say ba-ba, da-da and you love doing "how big is baby?! SO BIG!" You can clap on demand and love patty cake. You are so proud of yourself when you do these things!

You climb on everything, everything! You are everywhere, all the time. You love reading books with mom and dad, lifting the flaps and kissing the babies. You are getting your third tooth- on the bottom and it's so cute. 

We had to cancel your 9 month well child visit due to COVID but I grabbed your measurements from our ear infection appointment. You are 27.5 inches and 18lbs. You are still wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month pants cause GF, you are getting long! 

We LOVE You!!! 

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