Our Bedroom Finally Has Something In It.

04 August 2020

When we moved into our house back in 2016,  Brian always told me how much he liked our room and the "minimalist" look. I just thought this is what a room look likes before any decor is moved in. But after that comment, I didn't really feel the need to focus much on it. 

We had pretty bedding and the room isn't very large, so I figured it worked. And let me just say, I've done my fair share of switching up the bedding. I seriously can't help myself on that one. 

But I have a husband who doesn't care about those kinds of things. Pretty shams and throw pillows are silly to him. And the more time I spent putting these things on and off and finding somewhere to store them, I started to feel the same. So a couple years ago we did away with shams and throw pillows all together. Now we just buy cute pillow cases. 

Wall Lights  |   Wreath  |   Throw Pillow   |  Pillow Cases  |   Ruffle Cases  |   Quilt 

Not that you can really tell because on this day I had the blush pink dotted ones on our bed. We switch between these and diamond navy/white ones. I did finally add one throw pillow back. Bit I feel like it's substantial and does serve a purpose sometimes. 

Anyway.. back to our room decor. I've never known what to do in here. I always kind of wanted a large area rug but didn't want to bother searching for one or committing to anything. Do I want my rug or my  bedding to make a statement? I don't know. 

Until we decided to get new rugs in the kitchen. We've always had a large area rug because it's impossible to keep that floor clean. But the longer that bottle drying rack sits on my counter and if we keep buying complicated coffee makers and leaving them out.. it all gets to be a bit much. So I wanted to take the busy rug out of there. Plus, I'm 100% in love with our dyson stick vac and so I figured it might be time to try the bare floor again. 

So this rug lost it's home. We took it out of the kitchen and moved it into our bedroom. And then things just kind of fell in place from there. It feels more homey, comfortable, and warm. And who are we kidding, I'm sure I'll end up changing it all next month. 

And I just need to mention really quick how much I love that wreath above the bed. I saw this idea a couple years ago and then stalked that wreath until it came back in stock. I would have never though of putting a wreath above my bed but I absolutely love it. And the quality of the wreath is so fab!

Lamp (similar, ours has USB charging port) |   Mirror  |  Tray (similar)

Speaking of stalking. I stalked that darn mirror for months before I snagged it. I found it on Targets website and fell in love! But it was out of stock for shipping and in all store in my area. I checked constantly and one day found ONE in stock in NLR. Needless to say I was there in a jiff. 

I'm the most pleased with how this wall came together. I wanted something on the wall but not just fillers or pictures of people. This one really took some inspiration searching and work! I bought all the frames from Hobby Lobby. They were actually regular frames with artwork already in them. I just liked the style so I had a new mats cut and filled them in with the art I wanted.

My very fav is the one on the right- it's actually a wedding picture that doesn't look like a wedding picture. I've always loved this black and white shot of the entire church. Love this one! My second fav is that CRANE PRINT, it's SO pretty! 

Curtains  |  Makeup Table  |  Hamper  |   Rug (on super sale!)

And that's it! That's our little room that now feels comfy and cozy. Which has been nice because I feel like we've spent a lot more time here in the evenings since COVID hit. It's not minimalist anymore but it feels so much more US! XOXO. 

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