Kate's FOURTH Birthday Party!

22 September 2021

Can't believe my biggest, little girl is FOUR! We had such a great time celebrating Kate last weekend. I love putting together parties and I'm so excited we finally got to have one for these sweet girls. 

Tangled Birthday Party Favors

17 September 2021

 I've had so much fun prepping for Kate's 4th birthday party this weekend! We loosely had a Tangled theme last year but we only invited family due to the pandemic. This year she was torn between Merida/Brave and Tangled/Rapunzel. I pushed Rapunzel since I knew it would be much easier to decorate. And the colors are so much better! 

Fabulous (Almost) Fall Weekend!

16 September 2021

We had such a fun weekend in NWA with family last weekend. The girls had a blast playing with our cousin, Kai and staring at baby Camden! It was a blast and makes me so ready for fall! 

Thai Food Prep

15 September 2021

This was fantastic! And kind of a happy surprise that I know I will end up making again. A couple weeks ago I grabbed some extra ground turkey to make lunches for us to take to work. I planned to go Mexican theme-ish. But then I didn't get around to it... typical kind of crazy week. 

Jumpin Jumpin

14 September 2021

We got a bounce house a couple weeks ago and it's been a HUGE hit! I swear we jumped the entire weekend. The girls love it and have such a great time. And exert alllllll the energy!!! So of course we love it too. 

Old Fashioned Iced Fudge Brownie

11 September 2021


These brownies were FANTASTIC. They were so good-- semi-borderline-rich but with the ice cream, just right. The homemade icing was probably my very favorite part. I will be making these again! And just like that... am I turning into a good-ish baker?! 
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