Happy Spring... finally!

31 March 2015

Happy, happy, HAPPY Spring!!! Brian and I just spent the last week in New York and it was freezing! We had the very best time (and I can't wait to post way too many blog posts about it!!) but it was so, so cold! Snow, wind and rain = very cold! We were overjoyed when we landed Monday night and walked outside-- I'm so excited the spring-like temps are finally here to stay (hopefully!) I grabbed some bright and cheerful flowers at the grocery today. I'm sorry I didn't "style-blog" them (Jennifer!)

Another Plywood Weekend...

24 March 2015

I had a couple Etsy orders last week so I took that as a chance to work on some new designs. You should have seen the office with 6 shapes and paint thrown all over the place! 

Yummy Cookies

23 March 2015

There are a lot of things I'm good at in life-- I'm actually a great cook (I can say that!) and decent baker-- but when it comes to making cookies from scratch.. I fail every time! 

Game Day Ready...

22 March 2015

I put this Razorback door hanger up yesterday for the basketball game... and even though we lost, my door looked fabulous while doing it. We had people over to watch the game and my favorite, J Ram was in town to hang out! I'll be back later to share an amazing cookie reciepe with you! In the meantime, if you love this door hanger, EMAIL me and I can hook you up! :) 

happy st. patrick's day...

15 March 2015

...a few days early! :) I had a custom order last week for this adorable shamrock. I was so nervous making the pattern for this shape. I think it worked out well. I'm getting so much better at this jigsaw business! Interested? Check out Mr. Shamrock HERE!

Six months is not an anniversary...

13 March 2015

...but it's still so fun to go back and think about our day! It was such a happy day, filled with love! My grandma has told me multiple times that I was such a happy bride... and I love hearing that. 

The Perfect Moscow Mule

08 March 2015

Hands down-- my drink of choice right now (besides wine) is a Moscow Mule. I don't really remember when we tried these for the first time. Luckily, we were getting married shortly after and had the bright idea to add the fabulous copper mugs to our registry... :) 

another snow day...

06 March 2015

 Another day, another snow. That's how it feels around here lately! I actually went to bed and didn't see the snow fall BUT I did hear the crazy loud, heavy sleet... thunder and lightening?!?

Happy Birthday Eazy!

05 March 2015

A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a best friend of 10 (!!!) years now! I hope you have the very best day! Thank you for always being a friend and I'm so thankful for you! 

Ps. We've been taking kissy face selfies since 2005, this is not new kids! :) 

ABC Sandwich.. yum!

01 March 2015

Avocado, Bacon and Cheese Sandwich. I found a recipe on pinterest a while back that I thought would be perfect for Brian. So I saved it until a couple months ago.. I went to get the recipe and the link was broken.. I hate that! Luckily, I searched again and found a good link.

This is so good for a weekend lunch-- a couple slices of cheddar, bacon, a fresh avocado, some olive oil and bread and you are good to go. Today I only used one slice of cheese and it was still really good. We do prefer two-- one cheddar and one monterey jack. Try it, it's pretty yum! 

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