Hale Christmas 2019

31 January 2020

I was working on a post from Emily's baptism and realized that I never posted about Christmas! And we took so many pictures and had so much fun! Kate really was in to Christmas this year which made it that much more fun! And we learned that Emily is real go-getter and LOVES opening presents!! 

Charcuterie Board

30 January 2020

I LOVE Charcuterie. Brian and I often make boards for lunch on the weekends. When we were younger, AKA had no kids, we'd do it more often. In the past few years, boards have really taken off. We order them when we go out and always love the meats and cheeses and extras. 

So this year at Johnston Christmas, they planned to have charcuterie for a meal. My mother in law bought all the meat and cheese from Costco and they had so much meat. and so much cheese. I dreamed of putting it together as pretty as possible and tried my very hardest. My first attempt! I have aspirations to try again really soon :) 

Bison Burgers Are The Bomb

29 January 2020

But for real, they really are the bomb. I know when people hear bison, they think it's going to be gross and gamey. But it's really not! It's delish. And a healthier alternative to beef. 

I'm a Harvard Alum Now, No Big Deal

28 January 2020

I took my first solo trip after babies last month to Boston. HELLO anxiety! The trip started off with snow and flight delays and all I could think was WHY AM I DOING THIS?! Luckily, it ended up being OK and I had a good week with some of my favorite delta leaders. 

Merry Christmas (Cards) from the Johnston Family

10 January 2020

Better late than never- Merry Christmas from our family to yours! XOXO

Fall Family Photos - 2019

09 January 2020

We had our family pictures made the weekend before Thanksgiving at the Clinton Library in Little Rock. A couple days before the shoot, there was nothing but rain the forecast. For that Saturday too! Luckily the rain stopped Saturday morning but the wind didn't. These little babes were troopers. The wind was so bad, it was freezing and wet. I don't know how hair wasn't in our faces in every single picture!! Love that we'll have these sweet pics of our girls for years to come. 

Pasta Carbonora

08 January 2020

Let's talk real quick about this amazing dish of pasta above. For the millionth time, I'm not a photographer and this was 10000x better than the picture looks. The egg on top set it over the TOP and this one has us going back for more every single time. 

Thanksgiving Fun - 2019

07 January 2020

I guess I've got to post about Thanksgiving before I can get to my scheduled Christmas posts. Poor Thanksgiving, you are even getting snubbed in my blog. But seriously, we had a great Thanksgiving. We spent a few days in El Dorado with the Hale Family and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Fall Babes

06 January 2020

Seriously can't get enough of these cute little sisters in their pumpkin bubbles. And yes-- I am so late posting this. Hoping to play a little catch up in the coming month. But back to the sweetness. I love these pictures so much. Kate's faces are priceless. And Emmy is just happy to be near sister. Love! 

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