Table for Two - IKEA Hack

20 October 2019

One solid year ago I ordered this IKEA table for Kate. I intended to paint it and make it adorable. But ya know, life happened and it sat unpainted but put together for months! Kate had lots of fun with it, standing in the chairs, climbing underneath it to hide and eating many, many meals here. 

I think most of my problem was trying to decide exactly how I wanted it to look. There are SO MANY ideas out there on pinterest for IKEA hacks. I finally decided I wanted a chalkboard top. But that's where my decision making ended.

Then I got pregnant! Fine. I'll wait until I find out the gender to decide how I want to paint the table. After all, it needs to work for both of my kids. 

We find out we're having a girl. Well now I want to wait until we pick a name because wouldn't it be adorable if I put their names on the seats? YES. So my last week of maternity leave, I finally finished. Excuses, excuses, excuses. 

But how stinking adorable is this table?! I used two different shades of pink for the table and chairs, chalkboard paint for the top and then hand painted the seats for the girls. 

It fits perfectly in our little kitchen nook. I can't wait to see the girls sitting there together. So sweet! 

This table was so easy! And did I mention that the table and chairs was only $29?! Perfect steal! XOXO. 

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