Emily - Month 2

31 July 2019

Oh my sweet Emmie-girl! You are growing up so fast and you are so, so sweet. You are the most precious little girl and we love you so much! You've changed so much during the past month and it's so fun watching you grow. 

You have started really being more alert this month and watching everything. You are smiling and cooing at us and it makes mamas heart so big!

 I work SO HARD to get you asleep sometimes and then you just magically fall asleep during a diaper change... REAALLLY?!

Sissy loves to read and rock with Emmie. I'm not so sure Em loves it. 

I love when Kate decides that she all of the sudden loves her old toys again! Nothing like little sister being interested in something to get Kate interested too! 

LOVES her mobile. Has so much fun staring and kicking to the music. 

Again, hello passing out at a time that I wasn't trying to get her to sleep. But so sweet.  

Wearing mamas vintage Feltman Brothers dress. I wore this home from the hospital and so did Kate! 

Smiles all around from our sweet lady! She's so precious, I know I've already said that but I mean it. She's growing long! At her 6 week appointment she had almost grown 3 inches since birth! She moved out of newborn clothing this month. Emily is so strong and does well with tummy time and pushing up on her legs. 

Sleep has some improvement during the night but she naps like a champ most days. As long as the white noise is up LOUD! Emily is very into watching the fan go around and smiles at mamas voice. She loves her big sister and bath time has got to be her fav. 

We love this girl so BIG and can't wait to see how she develops in the 3rd month. 

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