Halloween + Fall Fun Week

20 November 2019

I'm almost a whole month behind posting about Halloween. Better late than never! The girls had a fun halloween and fall fun week at school. Kate is way more into holidays this year which is so fun.
 We actually went to a friends halloween party the weekend before which I think got Kate really in the spirit. Her costume was a little lame this year-- more of an outfit than an actual costume. Her and Emmy were both "cats!" So she wore this to the party on Saturday and had a blast. Then she requested to wear her "costume" again on Sunday. It was pretty cute. The picture below is of me and Em at the halloween party. 

Fall fun week at school started on Monday with mismatched day. Which is actually a lot harder than it seems. Both girls dressed in their mismatched best but I didn't get a picture. 

Day two was Disney day. I opted for matching Minnie Mouse dresses because I thought they were cute. The girls looked adorable. 

I got this picture from Emmy's teachers of her and Mickey. It looks like she's passed out but she was actually taking a break during tummy time :) 

Day three was superhero day! Last year I made Kate a little "Super Kate" cape, luckily it still fit so I made Emmy a matching one! They wore matching rainbows under their capes and looked pretty adorable. Kate found her cape a week prior and ended up wearing it to school. She's worn it twice since, it's pretty cute. Some mornings when she's getting dressed and says, "I wear super Kate." Be still my heart! 

My pictures are not great. Emily had the worst diaper rash this week and Kate is uninterested in having her picture taken EVER. I love that she's wearing her cape in the front. She went to school that way too! Whatever works.  

This day I got a call from Em's teachers saying her booty was bad and she was pretty upset. So I went and picked her up and spent the afternoon at home, naked, working on improving the rash. She was in such a happy mood and it was fun to spend a day with my girl. Even under the circumstances. 

Day four was halloween! And we dressed up as cute little cats. I love this outfit Emily has on. It was one of Kate's and it's just precious. Emily was all smiles before school but I couldn't keep Kate still long enough to take a picture. 

The girls school has a fun little halloween parade and carnival in the gym. Brian and I were both able to go this year and it was so fun. Kate loves all her little friends and her teachers. 

Each class had their own little station for the kids to trick or treat at. Kate has never had that much candy in her life and I think she was in heaven. She loved the carnival! 

This is Emmy girl with one of her teachers, Ms. Joyce. We love Ms. Joyce! 

Maddy was Kate's teacher last year and hopefully Em's teacher next year!! ;) 

Our big girl even shared with her friend and daddy! 

It was such a good day. And the girls got to trick or treat indoors we got to skip the evening door to door. Next year! 

Kate's first sucker. This child was on a sugar high, jumping on the bed, laughing and living her best life. The final day of fall fun week was PJ day and I didn't get pictures on this day either. But so much fun was had by all! And mama and daddy ended up with the rest of the candy-- so it really want the best day!! XOXO

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