He is Risen!

09 July 2019

Happy REALLY LATE Easter!! I've been missing from my blog for a really long time. Looks like my last post was in late March. And here I am.. in JULY back! 

 We've had a lot happen since March. And I probably write a post on that sometime soon... but for now, I'll share our Easter with you. 

Kate got this sweet dress for Easter this year. I love the swiss dot and her name on it. It's so long on her so hopefully it will get to stick around for a long time! 

I usually get really excited about picking out an Easter dress. But at 8 months pregnant this year, I picked mine the morning of. Figured I would go with something that had a lot of color. Luckily I have two girls now and I can have my fun picking their clothes... for now! 

I can't quite remember what we did after church now. I feel like we made eggs benedict, went to the park and finished off the day playing with Kate. Or reading together-- like there two :) 


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