Emily's Nursery

01 August 2019

When I found out that we were having another girl, I immediately started dreaming up what her room would look like. Who are we kidding? Even before we found out, I was planning boy and girl options. I love decorating rooms in our home and even more than that- I love dreaming about decorating rooms! 

A lot of people asked me why I was doing anything at all. Weren't we moving Kate into a new room, why wouldn't we just keep it how it was. Don't you know this is one of the reasons second children hate being second children?! Coming from a TRUE second/middle child. I get it. It kind of seems silly to take one nursery and make another nursery. But I wanted each girls room to be special.

Kate's room was very light pink and neutral. I've done something in my life since then, I've started to introduce some color. I know, I know.. I'm not getting too crazy. Kate's new room is so opposite from her old. But that was Kate's nursery, I wanted Emily's nursery to be Emily's. So I set out to plan. And honestly, I had so many ideas for both they were just alllllll fogging me up. So I finished Kate's new room first and then focused on Emily's. I didn't even start until mid-April. This is so out of character for me. I had so. many. ideas. I really, really, really wanted to do a wall of wallpaper. But then I had a reality check and reminded myself that I was 7 months pregnant with an 18 month old. 

So I went for color on the floor and other places. And I really love how it turned out. 

The flowers on the wall were left over from the old room, I just moved them to a different wall. The daybed also stayed. It was seriously so helpful with a small baby so I knew it needed to stay put. Most of the bedding I found at Target. I have a few Restoration Hardware pillows thrown in the mix. If I mention anything that came over from the last room, you can check out my blog on KATE'S ROOM to find those links. 

The rug has so many fun pops of color in it. I do not think it photographs well but I really love it in person. Plus it's super soft. 

I love the ERJ letters. I found those at Hobby Lobby and they literally have no way of hanging them. I ended up pre-drilling small holes and using black screws. You really can't tell unless you get up close and look. 

I really love the curtains. I looked and looked and looked for curtains. I tried about 5 different options too. Only to end up returning them. I love sheer white curtains but they needed to have a little pop to go along with the rug. I love the curtains I picked by themselves. The tie at the top is so sweet and the little swiss dot look is perfect! So I figured, I can keep these and find some trim to add. 

I searched high and low and finally found this awesome vintage trim on Etsy. I bought pretty much all she had and then went to work. It was super easy, just a little time consuming, to get these done. I had every intention of actually sewing it on but ended up using no-sew instead. It holds so well! 

The prints behind the crib came over from Kate's room but are now used a different way. I still love this crib. It's so classic. And luckily we don't have a crazy first child so there are no bite marks in it! 

You might remember that I painted the dresser from my old room as a teen for Kate's room. I used it again here but changed the hardware. How adorable are these little bow knobs? I love them so much! I still love that little felt flower banner so I wanted to leave it on the mirror and I found those fun "sunshine" prints on Etsy. I'm really loving this new way of "framing" things. 

Probably my favorite part of the room is the corner with the gilder. It's no doubt the most used. I rearranged the furniture from the old nursery and I love it so much more this way because my chair can see out into the hallway. A lot of evenings, I'm rocking Emmie and Kate is running through the house. I love being able to watch her even when I'm not with her. 

I still love this chair. It's so comfy and I love the recline option.. and built in USB port! Holler for not having a dead phone during all nighters. My dad made the bookshelf ledges on the wall and I bought those baskets underneath to hold burp rags, pillows and blankets. We all know those things need to be within arms reach! 

The last wall of the room is the closet! You might think I'm super weird but I had Brian take the closet doors off. We never shut them because we used those cube shelves and they just got in the way. So I added some cute little watercolor dot decals (you'll see those more when we get to Kate's new room) and tried to make it as pretty as possible. You really can't see them well in the picture but they are adorable. And all of those bins and cubs get used so much! Each bin at the top holds a different clothing size filled with Kate's old clothes! I'm so prepared! 

I love the items on the top. They were all gifts-- how sweet are those little "Emily" blocks?! And the sweet baby shoes with her name on them, "Emily Rhea." I just love them! 

And finally-- the sweetest prayer. I had this in Kate's room but the text was so light, you could hardly read it. I painted over the original and had my friend Kathleen do the lettering on this one. Kate actually has one similar to match. I love this so much. And it's what I'm looking at every night when I rock Emily. 

I hope you love Emily's room as much as I do. I love it during the daytime when all of the light is flooding in. It's very functional and sweet. Let's see how long it stays like this. Dare I say that I should build another floor bed? 10 months from now?! Haha.. kidding. Maybe! 

XOXO :) 

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