Kate's Big Girl Room

04 August 2019

I feel like I have been working on this room for ages! I guess since we found out that I was pregnant with Emily. Which has almost been a year ago. Wow! But anyway-- it's done! F. I. N. I. S. H. E. D. and I love it! And I'm about 99.9% sure that Kate loves it too! 

I knew when we found out about baby #2 that we should keep the nursery intact- since it had a daybed- and move Kate to the smaller room. This room is a lot smaller! But I think it works perfectly for Kate's needs right now. 

In my post about building her HOUSE FLOOR BED I talked a little about the benefits of these beds. One thing I found in all of my research was that before you make the switch, you have to make sure the room is safe and boring! You don't want your kid getting out of bed to play all night long. So we keep Kate's toys in her playroom downstairs and her room is as boring as possible. But cute boring ;)  Oh.. and safe boring. 

I knew I wanted a fun wall, so I ordered these adorable watercolor decals. You would be shocked at how many people think I painted them. And I'm flattered. 

I chose to just do them on one wall, behind the bed. Once I started applying, I liked the idea of putting them on the wall to the right and I had plenty-- so I did it. Before I stuck these to the wall, I attached them with painters tape so I could get my spacing right. I wish I had about 6 more when I was finished but once we moved the bed in, you couldn't even tell. 

I loved these so much that I got an itch for more. Once we decided to take off the closet doors, I knew the closet could stand a makeover too. I figured if we kept the doors open or closed, Kate would just always be opening or closing them for fun. And they took up a lot of room and were ugly. So off they went and we made the closet a more functional space. With the room being on the small side and storage lacking, the cube shelved from her OLD ROOM came with us and are super helpful. 

 I mentioned in my floor bed post that we moved Kate in her crib to the room first. I didn't want to move her to a new room AND new bed all in the same day. So we had about a 3-4 week transition period. This picture was before the floor bed came in.

I went with these cute little bows from Urban Walls. Again, I used painters tape for placement before sticking. 

Baskets are mostly from Target (Pillowfort and Dollar Spot) the rest are from Hobby Lobby.

Like I said, I love this closet set up because of how much storage it gives us. Sure it would be the same with doors on it but they would be allll in the way! And did you see that adorable little cloud wall light in the closet? I originally bought it to serve as a night light but it's so bright! 

I found her dresser at a local vintage market. I looked forever for something that I liked. I had this idea in my head and I couldn't find it. Plus it needed to be just the right size for the space in her room, which isn't very long. I found this one and settled on it. I didn't love it at first but now I think it goes just fine. 

This wreath was on our door when we came home from the hospital with Kate. I hung it on her nursery door and it never left. It only felt right to move it to her new room. And funny story about that pretty mirror over her dresser. My friend Haley text it to me years ago before she had her first born. She bought it online and when it came in the mail, the mirror part was broken in a ton of pieces. They sent her a new one and told her to dispose of the old. She asked me if I wanted it since I was crafty and could probably make something fun out of it. I went through so many ideas for this! But the frame is so pretty and everything I came up with felt so blah compared to the pretty framing! 

So one day, I'm at the glass place getting my windshield repaired. One of the guys is replacing a mirror in a frame and over small talk I asked if that was something they did often. I told him about my frame but kind of blew it off-- like this thing has lots of curves and I still haven't picked the glass shards out of it. He said to bring it by and he could give me a quote. I waited months because I just assumed it would cost a fortune. It seriously rode around in the back of my car for MONTHS. One day, I stopped on my lunch break-- $40. ONLY 40 DOLLARS?! Sold. And I had a new mirror 2 days later. Sorry and thank you very much Haley ;). 

I found that wall light on Ikea's website in white. Somehow I ended up googling it and found out they make it in PINK in like the Australia Ikea. I really don't remember where but I couldn't order from their site. And I was sad. I actually ended up finding the pink one on Ebay! I was so nervous that it wasn't going to work. Now that I'm going back to link it, the price has dropped. I think it's time to order another for the other side :) 

And finally for the main event! Her adorable bed. She refused blankets and a pillow for a long time after moving to her bed. I had every intention of buying her Beddy's for this bed but decided to hold off until she's ready to sleep under covers. Right now she just uses a blanket which ends up at the end of her bed most nights. She did start using a pillow, finally! 

She's really good about not rolling out of her bed, although it has happened a couple of times. I knew I wanted pillows at the top and side that wouldn't allow her to fall in the cracks. I could never find anything that I liked so I made a few! On the long side I sewed two king size pillowcases together in the middle and stuffed them with a body pillow and regular size pillow and then tied the ends with cute pom pom ribbon. I did the same with two regular size cases for the top of the bed. This way I can take them off and wash them. Target has such cute prints for sheets that it was hard to decide! I also got the light pink sheets and black/white sheets at target. 

And last but not least... behind her door! I saw this idea on Pinterst and knew I had to do it! This girl brings home so much art from school, I needed somewhere to put it. Even though I forget to switch it out... all the time. I bought a bunch of frames from Goodwill, painted them shades of pinks, added wire and clips and ta-da! 

My dad got her the large measuring board, I'm not sure where and I'm just realizing that I haven't clipped any pictures to it! Oops. 

Whew! That was a long post. But so fun! Now what will I do with no rooms to design?! Maybe start thinking about MY bedroom! Haha. 


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