Emily - 4 Months

22 October 2019

Hello precious baby! Four months have flown by and we have loved watching you grow and start to develop your personality this month. You are constantly smiling and I can't get enough. Could literally eat you up. 

You are always so happy and the smile above is what we get every time we look at you or say your name. You are so easy going and patient. You've started playing so well in your activity table. You also love playing and being around your sister. You laugh at her and smile and always try to grab her!

I really love this picture because this is what you do every time someone comes near you. I feel like you are just trying to kiss us so big! Little sweetie. 

You are drooling alllll the time and I think you'll get a tooth soon. You want to put everything in your mouth and that really bothers big sister! The other night you were chewing on one of your toys and Kate came and stole it from you, shook her finger in your face, and said "NO NO Emmie! Don't eat it!!" 

You are so pretty! And you look so peaceful and perfect when you sleep. Well really all the time but this picture just screams perfection! 

You always want to be facing outward and you love to sit up. You can't wait to sit on your own, I can tell. You love watching everything going on around you. And you love being held and holding hands. If you notice in the picture above, you are holding my finger. When you take your bottle, you try to hold it with one hand but always have your fingers wrapped around mine. 

Seriously such a happy baby! 

You tried food for the first time when you turned 4 months! You eat cereal and veggies everyday at school. 

You have the biggest, prettiest eyes! And it looks like one little sweet dimple. 

I said you loved playing with sister, expect for when she piles books on your and says, "Emmie read!"

School sent this picture of you sucking your thumb. It's so cute. I love that when you suck your thumb you leave all four fingers sticking straight out. 

And you really love to look at yourself. You attack this mirror every single time I change your diaper. Even when you are sooo sleepy, you seem to come alive when you see your face. 

You and sister make life so sweet. I love to watch your relationship develop. Sometimes you look absolutely terrified when Kate is running your way and others you look like the happiest person alive. You both hold hands at every turn and it makes my heart so happy. The Lord is so good to send us you two sweet girlies. We love you more than words can say! XOXO

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