Baby ISH- 4th Installment

10 January 2019

 10. Soft Fruit Set  |  11. Play Kitchen 

I haven't done one of these in a while. If you've been following along at all, you know these are so fun for me to put together! I figured a new one for my ONE YEAR OLD (plus some!)

So this list was a little harder-- how do you summarize some of her favorite things? Our shoes, cardboard boxes, her bowls and spoons, pulling every book from the shelf, standing in chairs, dragging all of moms makeup brushes across the floor etc, etc.

But I put together my best list of things Kate has been loving as of late... starting with...

1. Wooden Rocking Chair - Kate got this for her birthday and loves it! Remember I mentioned standing on things and being super dangerous? This is one of them. We have to put this up every once in a while and she'll just stand there and point and whimper at it. Her newest fun thing to do in her chair is not rock-- but stand in it, let go and start rocking her body. It's LIKE super fun. But in those calm moments where she sits down, plays with her toys and rocks- it's so super sweet.

2. Anti-slip Moccasins - Raise your hand if you have a hard time finding baby shoes that also work well with a new-ish walker?! My hand is high. I found these through a friend and they have been so perfect! I loved the little Freshly Picked mocs but they aren't anti-slip, as far as I can tell. These are at a great price point and so durable. The first pair I bought are the ones pictured, about 3 months ago and they look great. She wears them almost every single day. And they are just precious. We have way toooo many pairs now :). Plus it feels good supporting a mom-owned business.

3. My 1st Purse - My Administrative Specialist got this for Kate for her birthday. To be honest, I thought it was a little silly but OMG how this babe loves this thing. She immediately started hiding things in the purse and carrying it like a grown up. It's so funny how she knew to raise up her arm to slide the purse to her shoulder. This purse has seriously been one of the cutest things to watch.

4. Melissa & Doug Cookie Set - We got this set around Christmas and Kate has so much fun sticking the cookie together and then putting them on the cookie sheet and TRYING to cut the roll with the "knife." I find these in her purse all the time. I initially got this to go with her Kitchen, which you'll read about later. I think she'll enjoy them more the older she gets. Right now she just really enjoys stacking them.

5. Green Toys Tea Set - I love this little set! And did you know it's made of recycled water bottles? Kate has tea parties with her dad using this on the reg. It's the most adorable thing to watch. Usually her chest is covered with water when they are finished but the memories are = <3. This is a super affordable set that I know will last a long time!

6. Little Books for Little Hands - These sweet little books were a birthday gift from Kate's little gf, Braylee. They are so cute! And so perfect... like the name says, for little hands. She loves taking them in and out of the box, arranging them and flipping through. She loves putting them in her purse :) and hiding them for later. I am always finding one under a seat in my car or tucked away in my purse.

7. Soft Veggie Set - This little set it part of the DUKTIG series at IKEA. I found it online and fell in love with all they had to offer. I ordered like, everything. Fruit, veggies, utensil set, pots/pans, cookie sheet set, cupcake set, you name it.. Kate has it. And it's SO affordable. I love these little soft ones because she can "salute" them in the pan, fake eat them, etc, etc. We did get the stainless cookware from IKEA and I've learned she LOVES the noise it makes when she beats it all together. It's usually followed by laughter. Noise is SO FUN.

8. Stacking Rings - Stacking rings are kind of all the same. But these are fun, cute and low dollar! They are a little harder than some of the others she had when she was younger, the pole is more narrow and it makes it a little harder to learn. But I think this is a good thing!

9. Take Along Tunes - Kate has had this since she was 3 months old. Can't say we used it very much either. But as she's gotten older, she's more in to music and dancing. It's been fun watching her carry this around and play song after song and bob her head or shake her booty.

10. Soft Fruit Set - You can probably go back to #7 on this one. It's the same type of thing just fruits! The banana actually has Velcro to peel and the lettuce and cupcakes has the same thing. They are so cute. And Kate loves the basket. She uses it as a purse when she can't find her actual purse. She also used this basket when she was Dorothy for Halloween :)

11. Play Kitchen - Finally-- this adorable play kitchen. Which (someday soon) will have it's own post. I stumbled upon this thing on Pinterest one day while trying to find a good play kitchen. The possibilities are endless for remodeling this thing! I had so much fun picking out finishes and such for Kate's. It's so adorable!! I can't wait to share the design with you. But even if you don't do a single thing to it, it's perfect for kid play. It's inexpensive and great quality. She'll love it more as she grows!

Hope you enjoyed! I'm sure I'll be back at some point to talk about a few more things we (Kate) love and can't get enough of! XOXO

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