Emily Rhea Johnston

10 July 2019

We had another baby! Surprise! Our sweet Emily Rhea was born on May 22nd-- she actually came one day before planned and threw me for a bit of a loop. 

She's so sweet and has the most kissable cheeks. I know I should be sleeping when she's sleeping but there is something so perfect about staring at a sweet, sleeping baby.

I actually found out that I was pregnant the day after Kate's first birthday. My due date was May 26th but we knew we would have a repeat c-section, so we picked May 23rd for delivery. Figured close to a weekend would work for family who was traveling. 

I started having contractions on Monday- 4 days ahead of baby day- and kind of freaked out. My mom went ahead and came to town that night, just in case. Having a baby at home and no family in town kind of complicates running out of the house quick. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said- NOPE- baby will come on Thursday. Those contractions were nothing. 

So I went to work on Wednesday, everyone gave me a hard time about being there but I assured them that baby was staying put. I left work early to to go my eyebrow appointment. I was laying there getting my brows waxed and started having contractions again. They hurt so bad but I just kept thinking- there's no way! So I left and had another contraction while driving down highway 10. I thought, "this can't be safe!" So what did I do? Went to the carwash. I washed and vacuumed my car. I actually remember thinking, these contractions are 5 minutes apart but the vacuum only lasts 4 minutes so I'll be good. 

I got home, laid down and realized something wasn't right. Even without rest, these things weren't going away. And at this point they were 4 minutes apart. My mom told me to call Brian, I refused. So she called Brian. He showed up and 20 minutes later we were on the way to Conway. 

Dr. Wood met us at the hospital and confirmed, it's baby time! By 7PM our girl was here! I remember looking to the side and Brian gave me the thumbs up and said she's perfect. And she is perfect. We love her so much! Even big sister :) 

First picture of our family of 4. At this point it was well past Kate's bedtime. She slept on the way to Conway and wasn't really sure what all this was about! 

First time holding both of my sweet girls. 

I remember thinking the first night, go to sleep, stop staring at your baby. But I couldn't stop. I think I might have closed my eyes once that first night. I immediately regret it when I was so tired the next day but figured I was preparing myself for the days/months to come! Haha. 

Not quite sure what's going on but OK to give little sister a kiss. What a good big sister! We love these girls so much! 

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