Christmas Cards, Lights & Garland

11 January 2019

I LOVE receiving all our friends Christmas cards. It one of my favorite things to come home to each evening during the holiday season. I've always struggled with a good way to display them during the month of December.

 In our old house, I had a lot of wall space and I made this chicken wire thing to clip them all too, didn't love it but it got the job done and I could admire the cards as I walked by. 

So I started early this year, looking for ways to display cards. I found on Pinterest where someone clipped cards to garland... easy enough. WHAT A MESS. But I loved it. I found these battery powered lights WITH clips on an Amazon lightening deal. I wrapped them around a live piece of tree garland and hung it above the door. 

It was so fun to watch the garland fill with your sweet cards each day!! I'll work on making it better next year, it was much harder to hang than I thought it would be! 

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