It's Kate's Birthday!

18 October 2019

Kate got really excited about her birthday and it was so much fun. Actually-- she's still really excited about her birthday! She insists on looking at pictures of "Kate's birthday" like all the time. It's so fun to watch our baby grow and learn so much! 

I took the picture above on the morning of her birthday. Brian actually had to be in court that day in Wynne so I had the girls all by myself. Kate got really excited as I dressed her in her birthday bubble. We also wore it to church the Sunday before to get some more wear out of it :) She told Emmie over and over again that it was Kate's birthday! And I love the sweet little picture of them above.

Our big two year old insisted on eating hummus for breakfast, I figured it was her day so who was I to argue. I even got super fancy and let her eat it out of the packaging. She looked so adorable and was excited to tell everyone that it was her birthday! She probably told me 100 times before I left her at school. 

I went back around lunchtime and took party hats and fruit for her friends to enjoy. When I stopped, I popped in to see Emmie too and her eye was oozing. I called to schedule her a doctors appointment. I got back to the school around 3:00 to pick up Em for her appointment and as I pulled in the Director text me that Kate had thrown up. 

WHAT?! No, not on her birthday. And for the very first time?! So I left with Kate and Emmie in tow. Kate was in an excellent mood and happy to be hanging out with mom. Once we got to the doctor, she got very cuddly and laid her head on my chest. I was checking the kids in on my phone with one hand, feeding Em her bottle with the other, all while Kate was laying on me and all of the sudden I felt something. Suddenly the floor, Kate and I were covered in Kate's vomit. She this poor child looked terrified. Honestly, I would have cried if I wasn't in front of a bunch of people. I'm the world's worst with throw-up. 

So Kate felt horrible the rest of the day. The doctor guessed she had just a virus and that it would run it's course. She ended up going to sleep that night around 6pm with no dinner and no cupcakes! Poor baby. 

I ended up staying home with her the day after since she couldn't go back to school and we honestly had the best day. We don't get much one on one time together anymore and it was so fun. She wasn't sick anymore so we were able to get out and do some things together. 

We put together her birthday present from Mom and Dad. And I guess technically she opened it since she didn't get to on her birthday. She helped put it together and was so precious helping me. She loved it and kept saying Kate's birthday. She was a broken record. 

Adorable artist

We went to Target and tried on shoes. She loved that part :)

We ended up having Kate's birthday party the weekend after the actual birthday and it was so fun. Kate was abnormally quiet during the party but you could tell she had so much fun. And she loved and still loves all of her new toys. I think this waffle maker is the big winner of the day. She wouldn't put it down and plays with it allllll the time. 

My hairdresser introduced me to Learning Resources toys and they are so perfect! 

Sweet friends. 

Love this one!! Even though that doesn't even look like Kate to me. 

Kind of scared of her candle. 

Little sister celebrating Kate. 

The party was "Yi-YO" themed as Kate says. It was actually Old MacDonald :) I found the cutest little decorations from a friend. 

Every time Kate opened a present, we told her who it was from and she would take it back and give it to that person. It was so hilarious. Braylee was really excited to get hers back! 

See those hydrangeas in the background? My sister got those for us when Kate was BORN. They dried out so perfectly and are still so pretty. They have been up in our house ever since. 

Our sweet girl had such a great day! Turning two was so much fun for Kate and mom and dad :). This girl is so precious to us and we are so thankful that she is ours! We love you Kate girl! XOXO

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