Valentine's Day Treats

14 February 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! I started working -slash that- thinking about treats for Kate's class well in advance. I had a plan but in true Alex fashion, I waited til the very last minute to put these guys together. But I'm in love with the end result. :)

I saw these heart shaped glasses at dollar tree one day-- they were 4 for $1!! So I grabbed a few packs and figured I would make some cute little tags for them. Since we all know the internet and our phones are watching and listening to us at all times, I actually got an email from pinterst with valentines day ideas and some had these glasses in them. Turns out, it was much easier to just download this cute little printable and use it --> you can download HERE. I ended up just taping (very conspicuously) the glasses to the card. It was much easier ;)

I also wanted to do a little something for her teachers. In the same stalker email I got from pinterest they had these cute little circle stickers-- so I decided I would print them and throw some candy in a jar! You can download the stickers here.

Once I put the jars together, they just didn't look complete. So I added some ribbon and printed these cute little tags (download here) and called it a day! 

It was so easy when I finally sat down and put everything together. Here's to not procrastinating next year! And THANKS to pinterest for super cute (and free) downloads! 

Which reminds me... I really need to blog my adorable halloween and Christmas treats ;)

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