Wednesday is Spaghetti Day

11 December 2019

I don't think I actually made this on Wednesday but my mom was just asking me about the book, "Wednesday is Spaghetti Day" so I figured I would title my post that. I've talked many times on my blog how I love Italian food and Brian does not. We instituted "Italian Sunday" at our house but that died after about 5 weeks. 

A few weeks ago he told me that if I would cook my moms spaghetti EXACTLY the way she did, he would eat it. Oh yeah, and use those homemade noodles we have too. No pressure. Right? 

So I text my mom for her recipe. It's simple she says and gives me a couple steps. I buy all the stuff, start cooking the sauce, only to realize I don't have any homemade noodles. Luckily I had thin noodles but I was already nervous for the outcome. 

Turns out-- my spaghetti is awesome. And Brian gave it a TEN! 10! It takes a litle more time but is well worth it in the end. Enjoy! 

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce 

Fresh herbs
Olive oil 
3 8oz tomato sauce cans
1/2 lb ground beef  
Spaghetti noodles
Italian seasoning
Fresh Parmesan

I took my own liberties on this and told Brian about them later.  I started by heating my pan, pouring in enough olive oil to coat the pan with some extra and I cooked a couple stems of rosemary until it got crisp. Next time I'll probably add a couple other herbs to the mix. Remove and toss in diced onions. Cook until soft and transparent. Add in some garlic, to your liking, and cook. 

Add ground beef and break into small pieces. Salt. Once beef has browned and is cooked through, add in all 3 cans of tomato sauce. Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, whatever you want to add. Simmer on low for at least 20 minutes. But don't let it get thick. 

Start your spaghetti noodles, make sure you add plenty of salt to the water. Cook according to package directions. Strain. Now's where it gets interesting, I added about 1.5T of butter to the pan before throwing the noodles back in. Mixed the two together and then coated with the spaghetti sauce. Top with parmesan cheese and rosemary. 

I don't know what it was about the butter but I think that set it over the top for Brian. Who doesn't love butter... name someone.. I'll wait. 


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