Emily - 3 Months

10 October 2019

Happy three full months of our precious Emmie girl! Or as Kate says, Emmie durl. Which melts my heart every. single. time. These two girls make life so sweet. 

Emily is seriously the happiest baby. And I want to credit most of this to MOMS ON CALL. When Em was around 6 weeks, I was desperate for some relief. She would not sleep, she screamed all the time and life felt really freaking hard. Not like normal newborn hard but HARD. I thought about renting a SNOO because I had heard good things. A couple people suggested giving Moms on Call a try. I've heard plenty about Babywise and it just wasn't for me. While the programs are kind of similar- I felt Moms on Call really focused on the WHOLE baby and teaches your baby nighttime sleep. Plus, it comes from a place of love- their motto is "Sleep, Feed, Laugh, Love." Their instagram page is (I know it sounds silly) but so beautiful. I love the things they post. 

All this to say, I am so glad we did this. Not just for us but for Emily. I am a better, happier, more well-rested mom, we are better parents to our happy child and Emily is a happy, healthy baby. It took a while for the routine and sleep to follow. I started around 6 weeks and Emily slept through the night at 13 weeks. And has ever since. Her naps and feedings became consistent and honestly, we know that is LIFE. I was strict with Emily and with myself. This doesn't just happen, you actually have to work at it. And it's not always easy but the end result is the best thing I could have hoped for. We have given Em a chance to be a happy baby, always. I can't imagine if life was still like it was at 6 weeks. We couldn't leave the house, her behavior was so unpredictable. And it wasn't her fault. We gave her the tools to to thrive. And all it cost was $9.99 on amazon and some discipline on our part. Seriously, can't recommend it enough. Maybe I'll write a whole post on this sometime :) Cause I sure didn't mean for this monthly update to be allll about her schedule! 

Lots of things happened this month. The weather got kind of cool in the mornings and we took lots of walks. They were so much fun! 

Emily really started smiling at us and watching our every move. Emmie laughed for the first time at 12 weeks and it was the most perfect, precious sound I've ever heard. 

Much better napper these days and will sleep alone. But sometimes I don't mind cuddling you the whole entire time!! 

Sister loves you!! I think sometimes you are terrified when you see her running towards you. She loves to hold your hand, read you books and lay in bed together. 

You are growing so big! You weigh 12.5 lbs this month and have grown a couple inches. You are thin but long! And have pretty little eyes and the most perfect smile. 

You started school at 12 weeks and your teachers say you are so good. You are one of the only babies who will nap in their crib and stay asleep! They say you will lay on a play mat and bat at items for the longest time. You are so low maintenance and loved so much! 

You wake up happy every single morning! The minute you see mommy, daddy or Kate you start smiling and kicking! You love sisters kisses and hugs in the morning. 

"Put Emmie in Kate bed!" Kate hates waking up and Emmie not greeting her. Or vice versa. It's so sweet! 

Obsessed with EMMIE TOES!!!! 


You do not want to lay down anymore. You try to pull up 24/7. You love sitting up. I gave in and bought you one of those "sit-me-up" chairs and I think you absolutely, 100% love it. 

Did I mention that you wake up happy every. single. morning. ?!?!

School sent us home with this large pink sheet and asked that we bring it back with pictures of you and family for your crib. I love it! 

Uncle Dallas and Aunt Bridget came to visit so we took an early morning walk. 

You rolled over for the first time at 12 weeks! You actually did it at school and your teachers were afraid to tell me so I wouldn't be sad I missed it. So sweet. 

You are so precious and we are so blessed that you are ours! You smile all the time and love seeing mommy, daddy and sister. Your teachers say that even when you have a massive blow out, you are still smiling and kicking and just being the happiest baby alive. Your cheeks are so kissable and we're all pretty obsessed with you. The last three months have been so wonderful. I can't wait to see what you do next. You are so sweet. We love you, Emmie Durl!!! XOXO

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