Sunday with Kate

30 March 2019

It's been so long since I've posted a Sunday with Kate. Mainly because she won't sit still long enough for a picture. Which... she really didn't in these. But I just can't resist to post but she's just so stinkin adorable. 

I took these when we got home from church, as you can tell.. we already have a snack in hand which is probably why I had the lack of focus... and smile! 

This NUGGET has been so fun in Kate's room. It's the perfect place for her to play, read, us to read to her!.. and it moves in all sorts of configurations. It's seriously a must for kids rooms!

Happy little babe was jumping here. The live shot is absolutely adorable. 

Always has her hands on the books. 

Reading the Pout Pout Fish with daddy. Be still my heart! 

And wrapping up the afternoon with a trip to the playground. 

Sunday's are so fun with this little babe and her daddy. Hopefully we have another pretty weekend soon! I'm so over the rain. XOXO

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