Perfect Little Weekend

25 November 2019

This weekend was seriously the best. We had such a great time. I ended up doing something I'm totally against and said I would never do.... we decorated the house for Christmas. I do have a couple reasons for this. 1. Thanksgiving is late this year. 2. We're out of town this week, I go to Boston the next, when the heck would I get it done?! 3. KIDS!!! And ultimately the kids won. Kate is at the age where she realizes what is going on and I wanted her to be able to enjoy the Christmas joy for as long as possible. AND Brian came home Friday and said, "hey, let's go get our tree tomorrow." So that kind of helped. 

We started off the weekend with Andrew's birthday party. It's that time of the year when all of Kate's little buddies are turning two! She had such a blast hanging out with all her friends. Andrew had a llama llama themed pajama party and Kate was 100% obsessed with the invitation. She carried it around all morning and finally handed it over to me about 25 minutes into the party. It was actually pretty adorable. 

I know, Kate is not wearing her jammies. We had family pictures Saturday morning and when I tried to change Kate's clothes to pajamas she thought I was putting her down for a nap and got upset so we just went in our dress! Sweet child. 

And then it was Christmas tree time! This year we went to the School for the Visually Impaired to check out their trees. I saw them after we already got our tree last year and wanted to check it out. The alumni does this each year as a fundraiser and they had the best looking trees! And the prices ere so much better than the ones at Larry's-- where we usually go. 

I promise our kids were happy! There was a dog that was making Kate a little uneasy which is probably why she's clutching her daddy. 

I want dis one right dere daddy.  

I didn't get any pictures of us putting the tree up. Just my little helper covered in all of sisters stuff. Kate was semi-helpful with decorating. I did find a little spot in the tree after she went to bed where she laid three ornaments on a branch. All stacked on top of each other! Haha. 

We had a really great Saturday night. Brian turned on Christmas music, the girls watched/helped me decorate and we ended the night with a family game of hide and seek. Kate was so cute playing. Daddy told her to go hide and he would come find here,  but don't tell me where you're hiding and Kate says, "I hide Emmy room!!" We died laughing. It was so sweet, so precious!! She's not the best at staying her in spot but loves the game!! 

The next morning I found the girls like this. We've just started putting Em in her walker and Kate loves it. She's either standing on the front talking to her sister or pushing her through the house. Kate is such a good big sister, always helping out her Emmy Durl. As seen below-- Emily dropped her bottle and sister came running to the rescue! "I hold Emmy bottle mommy!"

After nap time on Sunday we took a trip to the park. Kate refused to go down the slide but climbed up the big slide over and over again! We were super impressed at how brave she was. Emily hung out on the park bench and took turns sitting with mommy and daddy. She's looking so big and her hair is looking dark. 

We wrapped up the weekend by cooking dinner together and Kate decorating the tree in her room. She was talking to her Gma on the phone Sunday night and told her she had a Christmas tree in "living room, downstairs tree and Kate's room!!" She was so excited talking about them. We left her "cool lights" on her tree on while she napped and she woke up talking about the tree. I can't wait to see how excited she gets over the holidays. Nothing like the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. XOXO

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