Emily - 1 Month

20 July 2019

Emily, or "Emmie" as she's referred to by her big sister, is one month old! The month seems like it flew by and also seemed like it creeped by. Regardless, this little lady has brough so much to our lives and she's so super sweet. When she's not screaming her head off! 

Big sister is very interested in this new little baby we brought into the house. She hasn't been very jealous but I'm sure those days are coming. She likes to be near Emmie and give her kisses 24/7. I love this picture below. Kate insisted on holding Emily's hand and it made me cry the happiest of happy tears.

Em had already returned to her birth weight and then some at our first doctor's appointment. She checked out just fine so the doctor said we didn't have to come back until she was 6 weeks old. Which made me very, very happy! She's growing well and I can tell she's getting longer. She has the longest little fingers and toes. And I can already tell her feet are going to surpass Kate's. 

I could stare at that pretty little side profile all day long. Really her whole face too :) 

Kate is constantly saying, "Hi Emmie! Hi Emmie! Hi Emmie!" I catch myself saying it to Emily when were home alone in my best Kate voice. 

There is really nothing better than a sleeping baby picture. So pretty, so sweet! 

Emily has the prettiest eyes and eyelashes, just like her sister. I hope her little eyes stay blue and don't change! She can be quite a handful and isn't super at self soothing, hello screaming baby! But it's her first month, so she's going to get a pass. She's sleeping in her crub right now and wakes up about every three hours to eat and usually goes right back to bed. She's going to spoil me because I know this won't last! 

I actually got to use all of Kate's newborn size clothing on Emily. She spent the first month in mostly newborn, a few 3 month outfits that hung pretty loose on her. I'm anxious to see how she's growing at our next appointment. 

Love you so big sweet girl!! 

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