4th of July

13 July 2019

Happy 4th of July! Nothing says summer like bright red toddler cheeks and popsicles. Right?! Our 4th started off by attending the July 4th parade at Kate's school. Her class made these t-shirts to wear and Kate's little pigtail braids were adorable. 

The back of her shirt said, "baby you're a firework!"

From the parade, we left to head to the lake for a couple days. We went a few times last year but never took Kate out on the boat. I think she really enjoyed it! But she did NOT want to get in the water or for her daddy to jump in. Water was totally off-limits! 

About the time we got out and played a little, Kate was ready for a nap. So we set her up a little bed, which she helped and instructed on how to do this... 

Once we finished.. she decided she would rather just fall asleep on mama. And I didn't mind because I can't tell you the last time this happened! 

My brother, Clark, cooked both nights and we ate some really good food! Kate enjoyed hanging out on the patio and entertaining everyone. Little sister, Emily, even joined for a little bit. 

It felt so good outside this evening. We had a nice breeze and Kate danced forever to the radio.. which made us all laugh. We went home and spent the last couple days of the holiday in Little Rock. Kate enjoyed playing in her pool with daddy. Even though it was quite impossible to make her sit!! 

And I'll share one more funny picture from the weekend. The look on Kate's face makes me laugh so hard! Hope you all had a good 4th! :) xoxo

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