Fabulous Fall Weekends

23 October 2019

I love this time of the year! It's seriously the best. This post is a little late but we had a jam-packed fall weekend a couple weeks ago. We started out at the most perfect fall birthday party for one of Kate's friends. 

The pictures from the party just scream fall! They had pumpkins for the kids to decorate and take home. Kate loved that part. Her pumpkin is in front of us. 

Kate is very obsessed with her spoon (boosh) and fork. She's so proper eating this cupcake with her make-shift "fork." It was actually the cupcake topper that she used as a fork. HAHA. 

Still using her "fork." Except we've lost some of it. I'm assuming she accidentally ate it.... ?!

How perfect is this picture? I don't think it could get anymore adorable! I love this! Pure joy. 

Not the best picture but this is what I got when I asked to take her picture. She looks so grown up. 

And Kate would have nothing to do with a photo shoot so I tried to get just Emmie. But it's getting harder to get her to sit still! 

Later in the day, we went to Harvestfest in Hillcrest. Kate loved playing in the kid area with daddy. She loved the big connect four game. We actually saw one while eating out last weekend and she wanted to play with it so bad! 

Emmie and I just hung out while Kate and daddy played. She's so sweet and those eyes!! 

At some point during our day, Brian went and cleaned up the backyard. The previous owners of our home left a chiminea. We've never used it but he pulled it out, cleaned it and loaded it with wood. We ended up starting a fire right after dinner. I don't know sure Kate was about it, so we put her to bed and sat by it for the rest of the night. It was nice. 

On Sunday, we went to church and then got out to enjoy the pretty day! We ended up going to War Memorial Park. Emmie and I sat in the grass while daddy and Kate played. It was so nice! 

I love fall weekends with my crew! XOXO

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