Sunday with Kate

24 June 2018

I'm going to do something crazy this week. I'm going to post "Sunday with Kate" this week on an actual Sunday! I know, right. 

And this Sunday is a special one because these pictures were taken on our first Father's Day. Which was a really great day. 

Kate asked me to go get her daddy Starbucks when I woke up, so I did. We went to early church, came home and made a super delicious brunch, we napped, we did absolutely nothing, we played a lot with Kate!, Kate fell in love with her new walk behind push toy thing and then we made an exception dinner, which I've blogged, Chicken Adobo. And it was, hands down, our very best to date.

So like I said... perfect Sunday. And perfectly, sweet little pictures to share of Kate. 

This is when I asked Brian to stand behind me and talk to Kate. Worked like a charm! 

She's so quick, pictures are getting tough. 

And a sweet little baby kiss for the dad of the year! We love da-da!!! 

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