Kate Goes to Work

02 June 2018

I love these sweet little pictures of Kate with my coworkers. They are so good to me and ask about our sweet girl all the time. One Friday when I was off we decided to go visit everyone. The picture above and below are Kate with my Admin, Loretta. If you look closely behind Kate, you'll notice that Loretta has a picture of our girl framed on her desk. 

This is Kate with Melissa. Melissa has asked that I just bring in a baby bed and leave Kate with her- like every day! She's so good with Kate! 

My boss was not in her office but I knew she wanted to visit so we set up these pictures of Kate "working" to text her. Once sent, no kidding, Amy reappeared in like 2 minutes. 

She's so busy! 

So sweet! It means so much to me that all my coworkers love my little baby so much! She's one loved little girl and that makes this mama so happy! 

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