Spring Weather... on the 1st day of Summer.

21 June 2018

I think the story of this blog (for the past few months) is that I'm late posting... everything. So let's keep with it and post these sweet spring pictures of our girl on the 1st day of Summer! 

I took these back in April, when it was still cool enough to sit outside and not swat mosquitoes every single second. We were waiting on daddy to come home and wanted to greet him when he turned on the street. 

Kate loved the outside and had such a fun time playing with her toys, especially that darn remote. I think she really likes the outdoors. Just this week I ran by daycare when she was about to go outside for splash day. One of the kids pulled her by the hat, causing her to fall over and scream, so I just carried her out. When her teacher opened the door and she saw the sunlight, she started jumping in my arms and making her I'm-really-super-excited noise. It was precious. 

Just like this picture... :) Enjoy! 

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