Happy Memorial Day!

15 June 2018

Oh my gracious. I can't even with this picture. I LOVE this picture of our sweet girl. She looks so happy. My how pictures are misleading. She had just stopped screaming because she didn't like her kiddie pool. We finally figured out that it's a temperature thing for her. Pool too cold = bad. Splash day at school = bad. Pool that sat out for 3 hours and it now warm = Perfect! 

So anyway, we spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake this year. We had a great time! Good food and two days of lake time! That doesn't happy very often (lake, not food!) We left Saturday morning to go to DeGray. Kate wore her summer best and enjoyed her cracker/biscuits on the counter while we ate lunch. She's so funny with her food these days. It really entertains her for pretty long periods of time. 

I snapped this picture when we got out on the water. It was really actually very pretty out. But then the clouds got thick, lightening started and we had about an hour of just hanging out on the dock while the storm passed. 

Meanwhile, Kate was at home with her grandparents LOVING the porch swing. She really likes rocking/swinging/moving really.  And how cute is she in blue!? Cute!! 

So the storm passed and we enjoyed lots of sun and water. A few good beers, etc. We ended up frying fish that my brother caught the weekend prior for dinner. We also had duck bites, which were delish. A few of his friends came over and we spent the night on the patio. 

The next day was so pretty! We spent a good amount of time out on the water. It was pretty and perfect. DeGray is such a pretty lake! 

When we got off the water we tried to let Kate enjoy her pool. I say tried because she hated it! Like I said, we finally figured out that warm water is the way to go for this lady! But she looked adorable in her suit and hat so I had to grab some pictures. 

Sweet baby side profile. Love this! 

Hey cutie! Glad you stopped fussing ;) 

Looking forward to the next lake trip!! And a warmer baby pool for KJ!!

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