Kate - 9 Months

26 June 2018

Happy 9 Months to our baby girl! I say this every month but this month was so fun! You are coming alive and have the best little personality. You are such a happy baby and that makes mom and dad so happy! You are the sunshine in our every single day and we love you more than words can say. 

Daddy snapped this picture while he was reading to you one day. It's so sweet. You are so sweet! 

Don't touch my toys you other babies! I need both! 

That look when you finally pull the hidden cell phone out from under moms thigh. 

 I take far too many pictures of this baby sleeping but they are just so precious. 

Uncle Dallas came to visit this month! 

Mom loves to snapchat me as animals. Kitty Kate with puppy ears. 

This was the first time I caught Kate napping with her booty in the air. Prepare yourself. There will be more. 

Kate takes Little Rock! 

Happy baby! She gets so excited when I open the door to grab her out of her car seat. 

GIVE ME ALL THE SALSA!! And no one gets hurt. She is her fathers child. 

Mom, I'm just so sleepy. She's definitely getting to be a wild woman sleeper. 

Alll the toys and all I want is the empty water bottle. It makes me so happy! 

When you're eating dinner and mom opens your new bows from Little Poppy Co. You have to wear it immediately. 

Another booty shot. OMG. I die. We didn't get Sunday with Kate pictures this Sunday because Kate passed out before we walked through the door. 

Weekend trip to Wynne to see the family! 

I love when I get daycare pictures. So cute and happy! 

Mom, give up already with the avocados. I don't like them. Not even a little bit. 

Grocery shopping with mom and dad. Mom forgot my cart cover. Dad let's me sit like a crazy woman. 

Will you guys hurry up and get ready. I want someone to read me this book. 

What did I say about the avocados? Stop trying to make me eat these darn things. 

Welcome to month 9! Did I already say it just keeps getting better?? Fine. I'll say it again. You are so fun. And so happy and SO loved. 

You are eating so much more these days and moving all the time. You happened to lose a whole pound from the last time we went to the doctor?! How?! You are obsessed with cheerios and go crazy when you see them across the room. Or when we shake them. It's so funny. 

You are full of life and want to explore and examine everything. You are so curious. You are pulling up to your knees and standing while holding on to something. You want to walk! You are into everything. You especially love the iron and the hair dryer. Please lose interest in the iron!!! 

You started sleeping with your booty high in the air, it's so precious. You got clingy overnight and will cry when mama hands you over, or leaves the room or really just gets 2 inches away from you. 

You love playing on the floor in the kitchen (it's clean guys!) especially with your magnets. You can now grab them straight from the fridge and put them back. Did I mention you like OK LOVE cheerios? You get really mad when we take them away or you run out. 

You started army crawling early in the month and a couple weeks later started to crawl for real. We went to the lake twice. You have a love/hate relationship with the water. You did not like your first splash day at school.. spoiler alert for month 10-- you loved it the 2nd go around. You enjoyed playing with Lucy and Madalyn at the lake and even gave sweet baby kisses and loving to your friends. You love giving daddy kisses on his cheek and eating moms chin. I even hear you are kissing one of the boys at school. ALREADY?! 

You LOVE looking at pictures of yourself and give the sweetest chuckle when you see them. You love your books, especially the pop up books. We love you so much and love watching you grow. You are my favorite thing!!! XOXO

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