Stairway Update

11 June 2018

If you've followed my blog for a while (like I'm sure there are probably hundreds of you!) then you probably saw my post about our stairway DIY project

The very first thing we did once we moved in was rip up the nasty, disgusting carpet that covered these stairs. And there was a massive florescent light fixture. WHY?! Let's reminiscence... 

During the rip up. I am so sad I don't have a picture of that hideous light fixture. It was so bad. So. So. SO. bad. 

After. Pre caulking and touch up. Oh wait... we still have so much of that left to do! Oops. 

But anyway... I put a few pictures up in the stairwell but never really cared that much for them. When we had Kate, I knew I wanted a gallery wall that we could change and update as she grows and we add to our family. 

So I laid it out on my laptop. I MUST have a plan before doing something like this. And I started hunting picture frames. I wanted black frames with white mats and I wasn't willing to change my mind. Seems easy. But it was hard! I want to be able to add someday and what if I can't find ones that match well? Simple black frames was key! 

So I find frames randomly one day at "Garden Ridge," I refused to call it At Home because that sounds stupid. I come home, lay them out on my laptop, take weeks to select photos, take even more weeks to order photos. Photos come in and sit for a month. I don't know why this intimidated me so bad. 

Then one day I pulled it all out and did it. It seriously took like less than 10 minutes to hand all of these. And I love them! I have a couple holes I want to fill (SHOCKING that it's taken me this long to get to the store to buy more frames to fix this.....) but overall, I love it. 

What's even better... Kate loves this! We stop and point and laugh at all the people. She loves seeing the pictures of her and her daddy. Be still my heart! 

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