Kate - Month 6

09 June 2018

 Our sweet baby is already 6 months! How and when did this happen? I know I say this every month, but she is so much fun! And each day/month just keeps getting better. 

I love these sweet pictures of her for her half birthday! That sweet face is so precious. I know, I KNOW I say this all the time. 

Kate takes the best naps with me. She's so sweet. Always holding or rubbing my face in some form or fashion. I snapped this one day right after she fell asleep. That little adorable cheek makes is one of my favorite things about her. It's really the only thing we got to see on the ultrasound, I love it! 

 My parents watched Kate one night while me and Brian went out to eat. I got these pictures from them while we were out. I think both are so funny. Looks at the look on her face in the one above and below. 

First time in her big kid seat. She was so messy when she started eating from a spoon! 

Showed up to see Kate one day at school and she was sleeping so wild! You can't tell that great but her legs are going out of the crib and one is suspended in the air rested on the mirror cloud. She's so crazy! 

Hi mama. I'm awake now! Thank you for coming to visit me. 

Kate and Lucy meet for the first time. 

I can only imagine what they are talking about! 

Kate meets Madalyn for the first time. Hi friend! 

I feel like she's saying.. Ok guys, let's take this picture so our moms will stop yelling our names. Smile! 

The first time I saw Kate really sit up for the first time. I've got a good grip on her, just in case. AND hello pretty lashes! I love this girls eyes!! 

Helping mom and dad with some yard work. 

First time in her big girl high chair but keeping a side on daddy! Thanks grandma! 

Awe, I love this one! Watching mom and dad unload the dishwasher-- daddy is so silly! 

Mama's trying to take a selfie and Kate only wants to watch TV. 

Speaking of TV-- Kate wouldn't take her eyes off of it at the doctors office. 

Kate and Sophie take a nap. Those cheeks!! love! 

Yes sweet girl... you are precious in his sight!!! And mine too :) 

This girl loves her toes! 

We had our first picture day at school :) 

I snapped this one of Kate as I was leaving from my lunch visit one day. So busy she doesn't even notice me leave. 

Sophie, Kate, mom and dad go for a walk... 

Yummm... sweet potatoes. Don't let that sweet face fool you. She really didn't care for them much. 

6 month check up at the doctor. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! 

This girl was SO GOOD on this day. We took her car shopping for Brian a new car. We did not think it would take as long as it did. She didn't fuss at all. And she was so proud of daddy's new ride on the way home. That sweet smile melts every ounce of my heart! 

Kate did so many new, fun things this month. She started sitting up on her own, eating more solid foods and she's really responding to people and noises. It's so fun to watch her little personality start to take shape. She's constantly happy and smiling. She bounces all time and she has more energy than her mama does :). She's sleeping OK at night but is still waking to eat more times a night than I would like. But I can't blame the growing girl!! She hasn't quite filled out her 6 month clothes but the 3 month size is getting snug! 

She's taught us so much about love and only made our love for each other stronger. I could not imagine life without this precious baby and her supportive daddy. 


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