Quick Trip to El Do

06 June 2018

Back in April, Brian went turkey hunting for the weekend so Kate and I took a quick trip to El Dorado to visit my parents. They moved a couple weeks earlier so I was excited to check out the new house and introduce Kate to all things El Do. 

Breakfast with Boom Paw. 

Hey cutie! Kate has a hard time focusing on her food when there is so much going on! Again, it's so strange to see "old" pictures of her now. She looks so different!! 

We went to lunch at the Bakery one day. I can't tell you how entertained this spoon kept her. Love those pretty baby blues :) 

Feed me mama! Kate tried cheerios for the first time. If you saw the first picture, you could see she was way more into getting them stuck to her face than actually eating them. She's now mastered it and prefers multi-grain cheerios ;) 

Travel is so much more complicated with baby but so much more fun! XOXO. 

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