Trip to NWA

04 June 2018

Oh my gracious! It's so funny looking at these pictures and seeing how different Kate looks! These were taken in mid-April. It's crazy what a difference 1.5 months makes! I. AM. SO. BEHIND.

I had to go to NWA for work back in April for the night so I took my mom and Kate along with me so they could visit my grandparents. It was a pretty cool (work) trip too! We got to tour the set of True Detective which is filming in NWA. Now I'm really looking forward to watching when it airs in January. 

I did get to spend a fair amount of time with my grandparents too. Kate loved Nonno! Everything he did/said just made he light up and laugh. I love this picture below of dinner. 

While I was working, it appears, Kate had all sorts of visitors. Jackson was in town for the week from Colorado and stopped by to say Hi. Kate decided to show some skin. 

This is probably my favorite picture. Flora and Gia trying to feed Kate and Kate is like nah, I got this. 

My mom said she sat like this forever and just watched herself. Such a curious little babe. 

loves her great-Nonno! Or whatever his name is :) 

And loves great-grandma! And any phone, remote, etc. that she can grab! 

Gia and Kate

Flora and Kate 

Sweet cousins 

Meanwhile I'm up in Siloam Springs working. It was a good trip, short.. but good. Already looking forward to visiting again! 

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