Lake Weekend with Friends

18 June 2018

I die over this picture. I seriously love it. That face, that suit, that laugh, the hat... sweet baby, stay little!! 

We went to the lake with friends at the beginning of June and had such a great time! Last year, like 5 of my girlfriends had babies. All girls. So we wanted to get together with the Wynne crew and let the babies play. And enjoy some lake and sun! 

This was after the 2nd attempt to put Kate in the kiddie pool. She was not having it. Every time I would try to put her in, she would pull her little legs up to her belly to avoid the water. 

Finally got the hat off. She tried and tried. Does not like wearing it! 

Finally, a few hours later and many attempts.. Kate loved the pool! She played for so long all by herself and had so much fun splashing and playing with toys. 

I got the best pictures of her before I decided to steal the paci. 

Lucy woke up from her nap and joined Kate. They were so cute and so sweet playing together all weekend. 

What a pretty day! 

YAY for sunset. Such a pretty night and pretty sunset. We had a great time. 

All three babies playing together. Sweet little girls. 

We had so much good food and great laughs. Love getting together with these friends. It doesn't happen often enough but so glad when it does. XOXO. 

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