Baby Shower Game + Download

17 June 2018

Last month I helped host a baby shower for one of our friends, Holly. During the planning, she said she didn't want any games but maybe something similar to a game. So I went straight to Pinterest and searched.. and searched.. and searched.. for a non game-game. 

I found something very similar to the above but didn't really want to order it. Plus it came with like 100 copies and looked girly. She's having a boy so I took matters into my own hands. I created my own! I had them printed on card-stock at the UPS store close to my house. 

It was fun to see what everyone thought about the baby. I had a lot harder time than I thought trying to fill mine out! 

I figured I would post the download on here, feel free to download and print! I've added a girl option. Enjoy! 

Download HERE:

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