Kate - Month 5

08 June 2018

Everyone is right! This sweet baby just keeps getting more fun as the days pass on. And what is the other saying..."the days are long but the years (in this case months!) are short!" Amen! This precious little girl is growing up so fast! 

I haven't been the best about taking monthly pictures but I'm trying! We took them this month but didn't care enough to get out of our PJs. The top picture makes me smile.. she looks so much like her daddy in this picture! And that half smile makes me smile so big! 

This is what happens when your having a blast taking pictures but you can't quite sit up on your own yet... timber!!! 

Back up and happy! And smiling for mama. 

Hello sleep regression! Kate wakes up all the time now. No night is the same. OH MY I miss that! You're growing and developing so fast. You reach and grab for everything in sight. You are so strong! 

Little baby, big pillow!  

You tried out the activity center for the first time. Feet didn't touch the ground and you look so little!! A couple weeks later, we tried again and you love this thing! 

You found your toes this month. And you love them! 

Came to see you at school one day and you were passed out. Crazy sleeper like your daddy! 

OMG those sweet lips. 

Hey cute booty! You finally started getting back your hair too. I know this hairline looks crazy but this is actually good! So much growth :) 

Laughing with daddy has to be your favorite thing. It's mine too. 

Lazy days with mama are also my favorite. 

Must. Cook. Dinner! 

OMG you are so cute. 

How sweet it that little thumb suck?? Scott and Holly came to town and you slept through dinner just like this. 


Another day at school. You are so funny. You bounce your self to sleep all the time. 

Hey happy lady! 

Saturday shopping with mama and daddy. 

Baby with a chicken bone?!

"What you mean I'm not supposed to have this?!"

You really love your toes this month. You love holding them and trying to eat them. You've started sleeping on your belly and rolling all around. You love laughing and playing with daddy. You've started using your activity table and love banging everything around on it. 

Your laugh is so sweet. I could listen to it every single minute of the day. You laugh all the time and constantly smile and mom and dad. You love having a toy in your hand and you've started sucking your thumb. You still love chewing on your paci more than you actually suck it. You still love to cuddle! Something tells me you will always be a snuggle bug. You are an excellent nap partner and I think your favorite activity is staring at yourself in the mirror. 

You bring us so much happiness and joy. I love being your mama. You are my favorite little thing ever. The months are only getting better. 

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