Phase 2 - Baby ISH

23 June 2018

7 . Skip Hop Activity Table  |   8. Baby Scooties  |   9. Boogie Wipes 

In a strange way, making these little lists are fun and kind of like a walk down memory lane. By the time I completed the FIRST list, we had already moved on to half of the things on this list. And now that I'm wrapping this list, I'm already making notes of what to put on Phase 3! 

So I'm sure this will turn into a super long (yet informative) AGAIN post but it's going to be good. Umm.. I hope. And AGAIN, I do think that all baby products are a personal/baby preference. Not everything works for everyone. You do you. But I'll make some suggestions if you are open to that kind of thing.

1. Triple Paste Diaper Cream- It's hands down, the best. I know everyone has an opinion on this (but mine is the best) just kidding. Boudreaux's sucks. I'm just going to say it. It's thick and disgusting. Desitin was OK. I never felt like it worked that great. Then came Triple Paste. It's like every kid in Kate's class switched to this all at one time and it's great. Good stuff, y'all. 

2. Skip Hop Tuo High Chair- I love this high chair. I read so many reviews about not getting ones with fabric and bulky bottoms, etc. I hate messes, like hate them. The last thing I wanted was to be scrubbing down a fabric chair every single day. My mom and I walked into Pickles & Ice Cream one day and saw this chair. Instantly fell in love with the design. And it's worked great. It's so easy to wipe down and it's super stylish in our kitchen. If Kate could talk, she would tell me that she loves it too. 

3. Munchkin Spoons- not a lot to say here. I like these spoons, they are inexpensive and easy to use. They don't have a big side/lip so they are especially easy when baby is first figuring out how to eat from a spoon. I'm finding that I'm a pretty big fan of most of the munchkin eating things, the price point is good and the quality is great. 

4. Little Poppy Co. Bows- I know I have talked about these before. I love these bows. They are adorable and every single month they get cuter. I never think it's possible. It's a subscription service, so they come to our house each month. Follow them on Instagram for all the adorableness. And use my link to get 1/2 off or free shipping (something) on your first month! 

5. Sophie la Girafe- Who doesn't love Sophie?! That's a stupid question. Every baby, ever loves Sophie! She's so easy to hold and Kate loves eating her nose. 

6. Safety 1st Thermometer- I will admit that I bought a $40 ear thermometer before Kate was born. There I've said it. I will also admit that it sucks. Like it's seriously the worst. It's not accurate. It's horrible. Do you understand yet?? This Safety 1st one came in a grooming kit and I thought I would never need it. Until Kate had a fever the first time and my ear one said she was like 102. Cue instant freak out. Also cue a phone call to Erin, my resident Peds Nurse Practitioner. She told me to find a cheap one, put it under her arm and wait. 100.3. Ok, we good again. And I've never used the ear one again. Save yourself $40+... these are like $4. 

7. Skip Hop Activity Table- Love this! Oh yeah, I mean Kate really loves this table. It's cute and I can not say enough good things about Skip Hop. If they make it, I buy it. The colors are pretty-home friendly and the quality is always good. Kate plays in the table all the time and now that she's moving more, she pulls up on it. Soon we can fill in the seat and use it as a table to stand/sit at. That's another reason why I love it.. it's 3 in 1. And I'm all about dual purposes. We can even buy the matching chairs and use it well into her toddler years. Keep an eye on Skip Hop's website.. they frequently mark the whole thing 20-30% off! 

8. Baby Scooties- I miss the cold weather for one reason-- these adorable little booties. She could not get them off, another reason I liked them. 

9. Boogie Wipes- These make all of those stupid lists of unnecessary baby products. Just like a wipe warmer, not necessary and stupid. So they say. But you know what, it's a personal dang preference.  Are they a waste of money? Probably. Could you wet tissue and accomplish the same goal? Probably. But they are so dang convenient and they actually work really well, in my opinion. Boogers, nasty/dried gunk in eyes, cleaning the face, they work friend. Embrace the Boogie Wipe! 

10. Nose Frida  |  11. Noggin Stik  |  12. Baby Shusher  |   13. Lille Baby Carrier  
 14. Sleep and Play Suits  |   15. Silicone Bib  |   16. White Noise Machine  |   17. Bolli Toy  

10. Nose Frida- This is NOT my kind of thing. This grosses me out on so many levels and I can't get close to the darn thing. But Brian enjoys it and it really works so I'm including it. Like I can hear the sound in my head right now and I think I might barf. So I'm going to move on. But it works. There. The End. 

11. Noggin Stik- Some of our friends gave us this toy right after Kate was born. We used it when she was really little and would move it back and forth and watch her eyes follow it. When she got older she started to hold it, shake it and check herself out in the mirror on the bottom. It's small and so easy for babies to grab and keep a hold of. I can't say enough good things about this stik. It's truly a developmental toy and Kate is still using it. We've almost run the batteries completely dead. It's now my go-to gift to everyone having babies :) 

12. Baby Shusher- Does this really work? Not 100% sure but 90% sure it worked for me. And it's a great travel white noise maker. Tie it to the crib, pack n play, car seat, anywhere. And it's got great volume so you can really drown out the crying! 

13. Lille Baby Carrier- I used this a fair amount when I was home on maternity leave. Kate would always go to sleep when I had her in it and it gave me a chance to get some things done. We haven't used it just a whole lot since. I mainly wanted it to wear her on my back when she got older. I'm thinking late this summer/fall it will get some use. But I do like the design. I did a lot of research before buying. Many reviews said the Ergobaby got too hot. This one is mesh and breathable. If your baby is anything like Kate, she gets hot. And I don't mean just kind of hot, I mean super wet sweaty hot. So I like that this one allows air to flow freely. 

14. Sleep and Play Suits- Hands done the best zip onesies. 3 for $12.99 (many times on sale) is hard to come by. And the prints are always so fun. We have 9 different prints in her current size. She sleeps in these every night and we wore the heck out of them when it was still cool outside. They run big! We just stopped wearing the 0-3 month size (and she's 9 months old) a couple weeks ago. She's currently in the 3-6 month size with plenty of room. I love all things cloud island at Target! 

15. Silicone Bib- Silicone bibs are my favorite for feeding. I don't know that we have ever used a cloth bib for a feed. This one is extra adorable because it has a strand of pearls. It's one of the few purchases I made before Kate was born. We have a couple in this style and then a few of the baby bjorn. They work well but the pouch at the bottom is almost too wide, it doesn't collapse like this one does. 

16. White Noise Machine- White Noise Machines can carry a pretty price tag. This I learned Especially if it's geared towards babies. So I found this one on targets site one day and ordered. It's worked great for us. Lots of reviews I read on other machines like the dohm and hatch said the volume control wasn't great and they were a little too soft. This one was only 18 bucks. The others I mentioned start at $50!  What? Why? This one has other sounds and sometimes Kate enjoys the sound of the ocean or a good thunderstorm, but we mostly use the white noise feature. Brian actually sent me a list of the best sound machines of 2018 the other day and this one was at the top. It's small and can be used anywhere, even after baby. 

17. Bolli Toy- I just love bolli! But it was so hard to find the one with the rattle in the middle. I've linked it to some random website. If you live or frequent Little Rock, you can find these at Pickles & Ice Cream on Rodney Parham. That's where we got this one. It's easy to grab and hold and makes noise. So it's a win! Kate even plays with it in the bath. Great teether, too! 

18. Melissa and Doug Wooden Alphabet Magnets- I've talked about these in other blog posts but I really can't say enough good things about them. Kate plays and plays and plays with these things while we are cooking or eating. She loves taking them off the fridge, putting them back on, finding them on the flood under the fridge and hiding them under the rug. I have a feeling these things will hang around for a very long time. And bless our cleaning lady who removes each one, cleans the fridge and waits long enough for everything to dry before putting them back on. Thank you and SORRY!!!! 

So this list feels much different. I don't feel like many of these are real must have items but all fun and essential in their own ways. All of these items have definitely helped us make the last 9 months easier. I'm already looking forward to the next list. The items are becoming more fun and exciting as she grows. I've already got a fair amount of goods jotted down. I might even schedule a new, fun post of my favorite cute little places to shop for very non-essential clothing. Haha.. here's looking at you Shades Kids.  


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