Kate - Month 8

22 June 2018

Happy belated 8 months to our fun, sweet, chatty girl! You are officially in to everything!!! And suddenly our house is the most dangerous place, ever. Okay.. I'm being a little dramatic. But half true ;) 

This month I'm thankful for friends who watch my baby while school is closed til noon (WHY!? And how did I totally forget this until like 2 days before) when dad has a meeting and mom has to go to Legislative Council... at the same time!! 

I love this picture of you!! Sometimes you get so wound up LITERALLY as I'm putting you to sleep. 

And this has to be my favorite thing you do right now. You flap your arms, super fast and make the funniest noise, ahhh ah ah ah ahhhhh!!!! Silly baby! 

Your first time in a walker at Whitney's house. You loved walking.. backwards. 

Life's tough. Sometimes it's too hard to stay awake while mom is trying to change your diaper. 

I could die looking at this picture. 

Hey happy girl!! 

Yuuumm. You loved the pimento cheese appetizer we got.. sans pimento cheese. The celery and carrots were so very entertaining. 

Trip to moms office. After you pooped all over your cute clothes. 

You're always a hit! 

Kate LOVES this little magnets. We can sit her in front of the fridge and she entertains herself for a long time. You figured out how to push them off the fridge first, now your grabbing and putting them back on! I love watching you lay flat on your belly to reach under the fridge and find the ones you lost. You also enjoying taking them off, pulling back the rug and hiding them to come find later. You are such a smart little girl! 

...and a good speller too ;)

Ignore my arm holding Kate's leg.. she's trying so hard to stand! 

Such a big girl sitting next to daddy at dinner. 

Daddy is so funny! But you don't seem to mind when we make you wear these on your arms and legs. You kick so much I can't even get a clear picture. 

What a month it has been. You finally dropped your night feeding! You slept through the WHOLE ENTIRE night for about a week. Then you got croup and decided you would prefer to wake up and hang with mama every now and then. 

You tried puffs and didn't like them but would still kind of eat them. You are so funny with the things you refuse, yet kind of don't refuse. You babble so much and love saying da-da. I say ma-ma, you respond with da-da. 

You love food and are becoming less picky with your pureed foods. It's so fun watching you play with your ABC magnets int he kitchen. You really enjoy playing at home more this month. 

We took you out to eat a few times this month. You loved sucking on the lemons at the Faded Rose. You still love to cuddle with mom and dad and playing your piano on Saturday mornings. You started using a walker some this month. Mom isn't too sure about this thing. You walked backwards for the first bit and finally figured out the moving forward thing. You take off and enjoy it so much that I hate to take it away from you now! UGH APA!!!! 

Most noteworthy this month-- scooting and first 2 teeth! You go girl. It's so fun to watch you grow. We love you so much!! 

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