Homemade Spaghetti + Bread

28 June 2018

I FINALLY converted Brian to an Italian lover. Okay, maybe a liker. We don't eat a whole lot of Italian in our house and he's never been that big of a fan of spaghetti. Mainly because, I've been trying to explain to him, spaghetti sauce doesn't come from a jar. To be good, it's got to be homemade! 

So when my mom came and stayed after Kate was born, she made homemade spaghetti. And he was hooked. He actually told me, if you will make it like that, I will eat it. And it's really easy... so sometimes, I make it homemade! 

And like I said.. it's really easy. I cook diced onions over a little olive oil until soft and then add 3- 8oz cans of tomato sauce. This is the important step, you've got to let it simmer long enough that it doesn't taste like canned tomato sauce. I add lots of seasonings to mine-- anything fresh that I have, garlic powder too, italian seasoning if I don't have fresh.. just whatever you like! After a long simmer, don't let it get thick!, I add the noodles and top with fresh shaved parm. 

And we usually serve with my grandmas delish spaghetti paring salad-- lettuce, oil, vinegar, garlic powder and bread. As seen above with our fav, dipping spices over EVOO. YUM. I think I'll add this to our menu next week :) 

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