Kate - 10 Months

12 September 2018

Something I realized while preparing pictures for Kate's 10 month update-- she spent much of this month in only a diaper. It's kind of funny how many pictures I have with no shirt on! 

I love this one at the top. She really has quite the personality. And it's kind of weird writing this so many months after the fact. I've got to keep up!! I think this was around the time her personality was really starting to come out in photos. The face is SUCH a Kate face. And the next one too! 

I can see this one with her saying UH OH over and over and over again. But I'm trying this almost 3 months after the fact!! 

10 Months was fun! Kate started eating much better. Loves her ground turkey, peas and carrots. Sadly, that hasn't changed much! 

 Isn't this a cute picture of Kate sleeping? Yes. Well, pictures can be deceptive. Kate refuses to sleep alone this month and doesn't care much for staying asleep either. If you notice in the picture, she is growing so much more hair now!! YAY!!! 

I love napping with this sweetie. And holding her when she naps. It's the middle of the night sleep that's been very trying. She's also become more aware and doesn't like when mom or dad leave the room. 

I need no judgement here. Yes, I'm wearing a cat nightgown and YES it's inside out. No, I don't know why it's inside out. 

Anyway, back to the update. This month Kate weights about 17lbs and is 26.5 inches long. She actually love a pound from her 6 month checkup. We've been working very hard to put it back on this month. *Spoiler alert* she gained it back. 

You gave daddy a yeti mug for Father's Day. And spent the whole entire day beating the lid on the mug. It was SO FUN. 

Don't touch my puffs!! 

Splash day at school was your favorite. 

But you weren't so sure at first. 

You really love your books. 

and you LOVED daddy's milkshake from Big Orange. 

OMG this face. I love it. 

And bath time is so fun.. you finally out grew your baby tub. 

Dining out is pretty fun too. A great time to chillax. You are so funny! 

You don't just love your books, daddy's are way more fun! 
Nap with boom paw. 

You are so fun, Kate! We love watching you develop and learn new things. You are so curious and love to play. You are a really happy baby. You enjoy playing hide and seek with dad and you laugh so hard at him while playing. 

You started walking with a push walker and there is no stopping you! You are so good at it. You are crazy about books- both reading and playing with them. You love to turn the pages AND pull all of daddy's books off the shelves. You love bath time and you play so well. I love watching you "hide" your toys from yourself and then go find them. It's hilarious. 

You love your mama and daddy and give the best kisses. You love to swing and rock yourself in swings and chairs. Your new favorite thing is crawling into the dishwasher. You were baptized on 7/15/18 and so many member of our family came to witness. You are working so hard on walking and pulling up. You finally like splash day at school and your pool. We moved you into your "big girl" car seat and you seem to enjoy it so much better. 

You are such a joy!! We love you SO BIG. SO stinkin BIG! 

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