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15 June 2017

GIRL! :) 

My coworker Jennifer made me promise to only tell her the gender once we found out because she wanted to do something special at work. Well the next day I came in to THIS! I sure wish I would have cleaned up my office the day before. 

Oh yeah, have I mentioned on here that I'm pregnant?? We found out the gender at around 18 weeks. I was so eager to find out that we scheduled a special ultrasound ahead of the 20 week appointment. 

But anyway, I came in to such a cute little reveal to our office. So many adorable onesies and such. And all those cookies and cupcakes! Oh my! So much love from my sweet coworker and friend :) 

There wasn't a single part of my office left untouched. (My messy office!)

Even more fun? My birthday was like 2 or 3 weeks after this so we got to do it all again!!! This time... with homemade strawberry cake ;) 

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