Viva Las Vegas!

23 February 2017

I'm a little late in blogging our trip to Vegas last month! This was our attempt at a selfie with the pretty ceiling at Caesars Palace. I never said I was a good photographer :) 

We took the direct flight out of Little Rock on a Thursday afternoon-- I love a good direct flight-- and stayed til Monday. Lots of good food, rest and fun. 

First night in the casino, up 80 bucks! 

Shopping trip in style

Highly intense Jenga game

Dinner the last night

Again, I'm horrible at taking photos so I didn't get back with too many. Brian learned how to play craps and semi-succeeded. We did great at roulette!! Oh and had the best pizza, ever! I'd share the name of the place with you but... I forgot! I swear it was memorable ;) 

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