Happy Thanksgiving!

15 December 2017

Happy belated Thanksgiving from this little turkey! 

We hosted my family for Thanksgiving in Little Rock this year and had so much fun! Brian and I knew when we were house hunting that we wanted to find something with enough space to be able to have as many family gatherings as we would like! It's so fun (and nice) to be able to have everyone come spend some time with us. 

We had a really great lunch on Thanksgiving Day and did plenty of fun things.. resting, decorating and shopping the rest of the weekend. Kate got plenty of snuggles and aunt/uncle/grandma/boompaw time. 

 THE sweetest little girl!!!

 Daddy's twin

 Kate's hairline is OOC

We also look Lauren and Josh with us to pick out our Christmas tree. It's so pretty. I'll have to post an after picture later. 

Kate was less than impressed. She preferred to chew on her hand. 

Josh is a pro at tying down Christmas trees. The guy was like "where y'all doing? Sheridan?" No sir, down the street. This tree did not move!! 

It was a great Thanksgiving and I was sad to see everyone go. The house felt so empty the next couple of days. 

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